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Warning to un-vaxxed if you use your credit or eftpos card
18th Nov 2021

We have received an unconfirmed report that un-vaxxed shoppers could be penalised if they use their cards for purchases at business premises after December 17.

If you didn’t use the QR check in at the shop then make a purchase with your card you could be penalised by the Labor Party.

Such an electronic banking arrangement could only occur with the help of banks, therefore Australian Bankers Association CEO and former Queensland Labor Premier Anna Bligh obviously has had a hand in this unlawful scam if correct.

Remember the Queensland SPER fine recovery agency is not required adhere to any law. If you allegedly owe money for unpaid fines they will simply steal your car or take it from your bank account without your knowledge.

We will seek clarification about this crime.


The solution (comment to the above article) – Mick Raven

Mr Reynard – Get your cash from the bank & pay cash, not EFTOS…

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