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Craig Backman, an ex-senior constable, delivers a powerful and heartfelt speech to tens of thousands

of Melburnians in front of Parliament House.

Comments from you o7 – Mick Raven

Brandon Nguyen
Who would have thought that in the 21st century,Australians would be having to fight for their freedoms.
Yet here we are. And very thankful for the people standing up and fighting against the tyranny and lies.

Mik Mik
Australian people , we are with you. You are not alone. Protests Worldwide.
No Vaccine . No Green Pass – Fight Fight . Always more and more. Never give up.
— from Germany

N Tal
Bigger crowd then they got at the Melbourne cup held for the elites.
Keep up this great just fight, love from Queensland.

The ANZAC spirit is once more gathering the strength to meet whatever comes our way
with a full frontal assault. Brothers and sisters, you give me goosebumps.

Dos matrix
The Time to Stand Up is here no more “She’ll be right mate”
rise now or submit to the Technocratic Eugenicists.

Spirit Dancer
I have so much love for all these people ,never give up you are winning.
Do not compromise on anything take it back all of it do not cower stand and if need be
fight to the death.Construction workers DESTROY THOSE CAMPS NOW!!

Helen Morris
Standing up with you from the U.K.. we must all stand up to this tyranny together.
Keep fighting everyone. We have to win this not just for us but for our children.

And we love you from London.!! Never have i had such a heartfelt connection
with so many strangers all over world… we want the best for one another! Simple
Rise up against the weak tyrants

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  1. Thousands protest in Melbourne CBD as Victoria records 1,221 new local COVID-19 cases, four deaths – ABC News


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