The Web of Deceit

The Web of Deceit

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt

Australia’s Illustrious Health Minister…Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt – Wikipedia

Minister Hunt’s biography Health Portfolio

Stefanovic unloads on Health Minister over vaccines

Liberal elder dies at 86

Queensland former Health Minister Jeannette Young

Jeannette Young – Wikipedia

Who is Graeme Nimmo Biography, Wiki & Facts About Jeannette Young’s Husband

Prof. Graeme Nimmo RFD – AGAR Group

Revealed: Husband of CHO’s history with Covid jab giants

More to come still updating – Mick Raven

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  1. Mate’s – we need to learn more about covid virus and the vaccines ., claims and evidence . i want to make informed decisions ‘s , and get my information from scientists who really know about whats happening . government’s assume the vaccines are good for your health . They think the unvaccinated are not good.. and should have less rights in the community with no vaccine certificates. please please ..find them..
    Need the trivium skills now ..!!!


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