Will Taiwan Fall to China without Australia’s Help? – ConspiracyOz

While our eyes were focused on the Pandemic (From a Chinese Bio-war Lab?)

China’s eyes were on a different Crisis – Mick Raven

China slams military ties between US, Taiwan Defense Spokesperson



BEIING, Sept. 30 — The US playing up the military ties between the US and Taiwan island in its National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 is blatant playing with fire, said a Chinese defense spokesperson at a regular press conference on Thursday.

Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense, made the remarks when being asked to comment on the US Act lately approved by the US House of Representatives.

According to media report, the US Act claimed self-righteously that the Chinese mainland’s “threat of military force against Taiwan” is contrary to the expectation of the peaceful resolution of the Taiwan question, and the US should continue to provide support to “enhance the defense of Taiwan”, including inviting Taiwan to the Rim of the Pacific exercise.

“The US Act clings to the Cold War mentality, makes groundless hype about the so-called “China threat”, and grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs. China is firmly opposed to it,” said Wu, adding that whenever budget and appropriation come into question, some American politicians will make a big fuss over China and exaggerate the non-existent “China threat”, which is an extremely irresponsible and dangerous move.

Wu also pointed out that the Taiwan question is China’s internal affair and concerns China’s core interests and brooks no foreign interference. The Chinese people cherish China’s sovereign and territorial integrity like they cherish their eyes, and they allow no sand in the eyes. “If anyone dares to challenge China’s bottom line on the Taiwan question, the Chinese PLA will never agree with it and will resolutely defend China’s sovereign and territorial integrity,” Wu stressed.

China sends fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace, beating Friday’s record incursion

Chinese fighter jets make the largest show of force near Taiwan this year on National Day

Taiwan threatens to take China to WTO over new fruit import ban

Chinese warships and fighter jets conduct drills off Taiwan in what Beijing says is response to ‘provocations’

Taiwan plans $11 billion boost in defence spending as it warns of ‘severe threat’ from China

China sends more warplanes through Taiwan airspace as part of ‘attempts to intimidate

China warns Taiwan that independence means war

China toughens its stance on Taiwan, declaring any attempt at independence will lead to war

Taiwan, China – Wikipedia

US deputy secretary of defense says Washington ‘carefully watching’ China’s every move



U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks on Friday (Oct. 1) said that the Pentagon is closely monitoring the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

During an online event held by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Hicks said that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is something the Department of Defense watches “very carefully,” adding that the U.S. is able to block any such move by Beijing with its large military force already deployed in the region.

United States ‘very concerned’ about Chinese fighter jets entering Taiwanese airspace

Does this mean war? – Mick Raven

Taiwan defence chair urges Australia to act over China ‘red line’ war threats

Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China, asks Australia for help

China expected to stop phosphate exports, food production prices set to rise

China’s power crisis shocks Australia’s wool industry. Price of farm inputs also tipped to rise

Australian military to continue patrolling South China Sea as Beijing warns Taiwan independence ‘means war’ South China Sea

Ridges mine to close off back of plummeting iron ore prices, hundreds of workers laid off

With slowing demand for Australian iron ore from China and a recovery of production in Brazil, the price is expected to continue to slump in the coming weeks.

Australia targeted by China? – Mick Raven

Mark McGowan accuses eastern states of failing to appreciate China at WA event – Wake up and hear the drums of War Mr McGoo! – Mick Raven

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