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Oh Oh The Witch is Gone, The Wicked Witch is Gone!

Gone but never forgotten! You will be tried for crimes against humanity when all this is over, you have blood on your hands Gladys! – Mick Raven

Gladys: ‘But I was just following orders’

We’ve heard that one before – Mick Raven

Former Nazi camp secretary, 96, caught after skipping trial on 11,000 counts of accessory to murder – ABC News

You can run but you can’t hide Gladys! – Mick Raven

Cheering, dancing protesters say good riddance Gladys. Next please.


Oct 1st 2021

WHEN NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation was announced on the NSW-Queensland border at Coolangatta during Friday’s national strike action, the crowd of some 2000 people not only cheered but launched into dance.

The rejoicing was no doubt repeated at rallies in cities, regional centres and towns across the nation during a national day of protest involving nurses, teachers, emergency service personnel and others.

At Tweed-Coolangatta, the gathering had just marched up the hill along Boundary Street to the border monument overlooking the Twin Towns that have never in the nation’s history since Federation been divided.

When the crowd came back down the hill on the Queensland side of the street that runs along the border and gathered for a brief talk from Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination (Skeptics) Network, the resignation was announced.

“They went into an almighty dance,” one of the marchers texted Cairns News.

The question on the minds of protesters across the nation will now be “who’s next?” Berejiklian has been tagged for “breaching the public trust” by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Berejiklian knew she had done wrong, but chose to ride it out and apparently try to gain glory by pushing the global genocide-by-vaccine agenda.

As expected the media and political class put on a “we’re so sorry to see you go Gladys”, for instance this from Malcolm Turnbull on Twitter:

“We have lost one of our best Premiers today. Gladys has been a dedicated reformer and dynamic builder. She led the State bravely and tirelessly through the bushfires and the pandemic. Thank you Gladys.”

What else could one expect from a banker and Liberal Party figure totally divorced from reality, rolling in the loot from his portfolio of big pharma shares.

At Tweed-Coolangatta, the people could not care less about this current crop of politicians and their misfortunes. Instead,

they had inspiring speakers to listen to, including the local indigenous representatives who reminded those gathered about what it means to be people of the land as opposed to corporate citizens who do the bidding of corporate masters.

Senior Qantas pilot Graeme Hood, who has previously featured in Cairns News, also brought inspirational thoughts on the real meaning of the “Anzac Spirit” and told of the emerging national network of police, teachers and other emergency service workers opposing the jab madness.

He also made special notice of turncoat senator Jacquie Lambie who recently said anti-vaxxers should be put behind a ring of steel. Her name prompted a chorus of loud boos.

It appears someone got to the senator we thought had some measure of independence.

Robertson said he’d been contacted by 200 police from Victoria who were planning to start a new national police union which could also include some 9000 doctors and nurses. “We are not alone,” he said. “The truth is starting to filter through.”

Robertson also noted the formation of an Australian chapter of Police for Freedom, a movement of law enforcement officers alarmed by the abuse of power by governments like Australia’s state governments that are using officers to enforce the fascist global agenda.

Berejiklian and Andrews of Victoria are prime examples. Your time to step down Danny Boy, or will it be the woman enforcing the fascist border shutdown from the north – Anastacia Palasczcuk.

Spotted amongst the crowd was One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, a staunch defender of our right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment and the need to mobilize common anti-viral medicines being suppressed by the corporate political class and their media.

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Who’s Next!


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