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Scott Morrison Australia PM criticised for Father’s Day trip amid lockdowns

7 September 2021

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticised for flying to visit his children on Father’s Day while families remain separated due to lockdown orders around the country.

Mr Morrison said he was given an exemption to travel from Canberra to Sydney on a private jet on the weekend.

Health authorities said they approved his trip given his unique role as an “essential worker”.

But critics said the action was an example of double standards.

More than half of Australians are in lockdown due to Delta variant outbreaks in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Many state borders are also closed.

The Labor opposition accused Mr Morrison of showing “appalling judgement”.

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Families separated by barriers on Father’s Day as COVID splits two states

5 Sep 2021

The busiest Father’s Day dining spot in Queensland isn’t taking reservations: it’s a plastic barricade in the middle of a Coolangatta backstreet.

Families struggled to find a spot to set up their camp chairs, desperate to meet dads, grandpas, and uncles for a unique Father’s Day.

Separated by strict border controls, they found ways to meet in emotional reunions as Queensland’s border closure continued to keep kids and dads apart.

Dozens of police in cars and on trail bikes monitored the area, which was at its peak just before midday.

Police on foot walked both sides of the border, handing out masks and asking for social distancing but wishing everyone a happy Father’s Day.

They were not moving people on, despite New South Wales being in a statewide lockdown.

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  1. Here’s another link to this Article – Mick Raven

    Scott Morrison got to see his kids on Father’s Day and everyone is furious at him all the time now


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