The ‘Doh’erty Report…Yep the One that Rules Our Lives – ConspiracyOz

The ‘Doh’erty Report…..’Homer’ couldn’t have written it any better – Mick Raven

Why is Australia at odds over the Doherty report and what does it say about opening up the country Coronavirus

Doherty Institute expert says modelling for reopening relies on low COVID case numbers

Coronavirus How Australia grew the virus and shared it with the world

Have we misunderstood the Doherty modelling

Peter C. Doherty – Wikipedia

Reports & Publications Doherty Website

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty

Doherty Institute

Dr Mike Catton Doherty Website – Dr Mike Catton? WHO is he? – Mick Raven

He personally heads national reference laboratories for measles and rubella, and a WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for measles, and has oversight of WHO Regional Reference Laboratories in poliovirus, and hepatitis B and WHO Collaborating Centres for influenza

 – that’s WHO! – Mick Raven

GVN Center and Member Spotlight – Mike Catton

Mike Catton – Director, VIDRL – Melbourne Health LinkedIn

Dr Mike Catton Australian Medical Association

Grants Doherty Website

And when the numbers don’t add up? -‘DOH’ – Mick Raven


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