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And now Woolies and Coles stocking ‘Made in China’ Fruit Packs and cans of fruit and Salmon in Oz ugh! – Mick Raven

Victoria police investigate threats against SPC after company mandates Covid-19 vaccines – 2021 – So to avoid Pins in the fruit I looked at the alternative – Mick Raven

SPC Ardmona’s bailout is crucial given China’s food safety record – 2014

Chinese tinned peaches high in lead, says MP battling for SPC Ardmona Food & drink industry – 2014

Food labelling Where your fruit and veg comes from – Fairfax Media interactive – 2015

and now…

Coles Pineapple in Syrup Fruit Cups 4 Pack Coles Online – Made in China

Coles Diced Pears in Syrup Fruit Cups 4 Pack Coles Online – Product of China

Coles Fruit Salad in Syrup 4 pack Coles Online – Made in China

Ally Pink Salmon Coles Online – Made in China

And so it goes…

Warning! Don’t Eat These Foods Imported From China

China’s Food Safety Issues Worse Than You Thought

Imported foods test positive to toxic contaminants and some contain pesticides, antibiotics, colourings, preservative

Barriers to Sustainable Food Trade China’s Exports Food Rejected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

6 Toxic Chinese Products Found in the US China Uncensored – YouTube

Chinese Poison Train Declared Unstoppable Next Stop, You!

Vietnamese markets flooded with cancer-causing food from China

China’s cherry sales suffer ‘devastating blow’ after reports of coronavirus contamination scare consumers

Transmission of COVID-19 by food and food packaging– But what about the Bat Soup? – Mick Raven

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