2021 CenSuss? or CensLess? – ConspiracyOz

The 2 ‘New’ questions on the ‘Censuss’….

1 Q51 Has the person ever served in the Australian Defense Force?


2 Q26 Has the person been told by a doctor or nurse that they have any long-term health conditions?

Not personal eh? Your health and can you fire a gun…mmm – Mick Raven


Census 1933 Germany, IBM. – yep IBM still around – Mick Raven

IBM and the Holocaust


On April 12, 1933, the German government announced plans to conduct a long-delayed national census. The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime.

Dehomag offered to assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, focusing upon the 41 million residents of Prussia. This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 Reichsmark—about $1 million (equivalent to $20 million in 2020).

This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM’s first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby “tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime”.


The dark side of census collections


When Hitler came to power in 1933, he blamed Germany’s 500,000 Jews for all the country’s problems.

But identifying German Jews wasn’t easy. They were a tiny minority, less than 1 per cent of the population, and were highly assimilated. Many had married Germans of other religions.

Edwin Black, the author of IBM and the Holocaust, says technology company IBM came to Nazi Germany with a solution.

‘First of all IBM, in and of itself, by itself, hired thousands and thousands of census takers. They went door to door; they did this for the government,’ he says.

‘All the information was all brought into one warehouse in Berlin, centralised. Day and night these paper forms were punched into special IBM coding machines.’

What are you waiting for! oh wait, the time to sign has past….

How are people fined?

The notice explains that if you don’t complete the Census, you can be prosecuted and fined up to $222 a day.

Will I be fined if I make a mistake or something is incorrect in my form?

The penalty is a fine of up to $2,220

UhOh, you filled it in didn’t you? ORDERS! OBEY or PAY!!  (Nice aren’t they – Mick Raven)


Information needed to complete your Census form 2021 Census

Census 2021 Get a Paper Form

Completing on Norfolk Island 2021 Census

Census 2021 why are some people completing it online and others have paper forms

Census and Statistics Regulation 2016

Galexia – Home

2021 Census PIA_Galexia.pdf

Historical details for ABN 72 087 459 989 (Galexia)

Maybe there are more ‘Sheep’ in Oz than NZ? – Mick Raven




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