Genetically Modified Nightmare – ConspiracyOz


CropLife International – Wikipedia

CropLife International Members CropLife International

CropLife Australia

CropLife Australia Glyphosate — the facts

Bayer – Wikipedia

Petition update · $2bn verdict against Monsanto in cancer lawsuit ·

Sydney news Roundup cancer link sees Blacktown workers strike

Roundup Soylent next?

Soylent Green – Wikipedia

The Good News….

Petition update · Roundup removed from Sale in 2023 ·

Petition · Coles Get Roundup® out of Coles and Woolworths ·


Farmers set up Our Cow on Facebook to sell locally farmed meat direct to consumers

Genetically modified food in the European Union – Wikipedia

Genetically Modified Organisms – Australian Grape & Wine

Stop GM Crops in SA!

Key SA wine region leads push to remain GM-free

Natural Wine Time Wine made with minimal intervention

The Nightmare….

NSW lifts ban on GM crops

Farmers ‘broadly supportive’ of plans to end NSW’s genetically modified crop ban

NSW has lifted its ban on genetically modified crops what difference will it make to food and farmers

End of GM ban ‘a great step forward’ for NSW farmers, biotech companies, grains group says

SA lifts ban on GM crops after 16 years

Farmers given choice to grow GM crops in 2021 Premier of South Australia

Genetically modified (GM) crops in South Australia

The Regulation of GMOs in Europe and the United States

Barossa and McLaren Vale winemakers to ‘lose millions’ from GM decision

GM-free arguments fall on ‘deaf ears’ SA Councils Good Fruit & Vegetables Australia

Canola shines bright as West Australian crop could reap top dollar

GM Canola Ban Could Be Lifted What does it mean for you

Genetically modified canola – Wikipedia

The Difference Between Hybrid and Open Pollinated Canola

The Future?….

GM Crops for Space Scientists designing GM crops for space

Marketing can affect our attitudes and willingness to eat lab-grown meat

Meat and dairy guidelines have changed. What and how much should we now eat

Impossible Whopper’s plant patties taste almost like real meat — and that’s worrying cattle farmers

Lab-grown meat industry start-ups join Australian market to tackle issue of mass production

IPCC report encourages a move to plant-based diets, so how sustainable is Australian meat

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  1. As the Lockdowns to save us continue – Mick Raven

    Global Food Prices Rise As Famine Threat Emerges – Activist Post

    Fresh produce prices to stay high for months, says major producer slashing crops due to lack of workers – ABC News

    Australian wine imports ‘suspended’ by China as trade tensions with Beijing continue – ABC News


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