Protest against Police allowed last Year for B.L.M. but Not a Protest for Freedom this Year – ConspiracyOz

Last year ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters were allowed to march in Sydney (18,000ppl) but a march for ‘Freedom’ is violently opposed this year?

Thousands attend Sydney Black Lives Matter rally that was authorised minutes before start – video Australia news The Guardian

4000 to attend Black Lives Matter rally despite second coronavirus spike

Excerpt from article/link above:

‘The June 6 rally had initially been approved, but police later argued that as numbers swelled over 18,000 the gathering had become unsafe.’

But it swelled to 18,000? – Mick Raven

Also the Daily Mail Australia were caught recently manufacturing fake news with the editor instructing his Journos to ridicule Anti-Vaxxers (‘Freedom loving Anti – Experimental Gene Technology’ people) in their articles.

LEAKED VIDEO Daily Mail Australia caught manufacturing fake news

Aussies without masks shouting ‘freedom’ march in Sydney and Melbourne at anti-lockdown protest Daily Mail Online

NSW police arrest multiple people at illegal Sydney anti-lockdown protest Sky News Australia

Anti-lockdown protests grip Australia, clashes erupt in Sydney

But the fight for Freedom continues! – Mick Raven

Aussies need to support the World Wide Rally for Freedom this Saturday Cairns News

Rally Update including information sites Cairns News

AVN News Updates on Worldwide Freedom Rally, July 24th

Thousands rally in Brisbane against lockdowns and masks as the state records no new cases – ABC News



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  1. And now the MSM backlash ugh – Mick Raven

    Fears Sydney anti-lockdown protest could be COVID-19 ‘superspreader event’ – ABC News

    Two men to face court for allegedly hitting police horses during Sydney COVID-19 lockdown protest – ABC News

    ‘Totally irresponsible’ anti-lockdown protest in Wollongong Illawarra Mercury Wollongong, NSW

    NSW Police set up strike force to find anti-lockdown protesters after thousands shut down Sydney CBD – ABC News


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