This is Madness! It Has to STOP! – ConspiracyOz

The ‘Medical Mystery Tour’ is coming to take you away, coming to Jab you today, Jab you always!! – Mick Raven

Lockdowns, Mask wearing, Social distancing and Mandatory Vaccinations DO NOT WORK!! This is de-humanising and it must STOP now, this is NOT a Global Pandemic!

It is a takeover by big Business and Major Shareholders to move ALL the Wealth to them plus Global control of Populations through Medical Tyranny.

We have 911 deaths apparently due to ‘Sars Cov-2’ in Australia in 18 months and 1255 died of Influenza in 2017 in 1 SEASON!! do your RESEARCH people!!

Small business will be decimated and people will be sent to Quarantine centres all due to false testing for a fictitious ‘gain of function Flu!’ – Mick Raven


Urgent! Urgent! 1 Day Left to Sign Petition to stop Mandatory Covid19 Vaccination

The Madness…

Tighter restrictions, outdoor mask wearing needed to help control Sydney COVID outbreak, experts say

Coronavirus NSW lockdown restrictions update Full list of everything you can and can’t do in NSW’s extended lockdown

Current COVID-19 case locations NSW Government

Additional restrictions for NSW NSW Government

NSW COVID-19 lockdown extended, remote learning must continue

NSW records 97 new COVID-19 cases, lockdown extended for two weeks

Truck drivers anxious over delays, lost income if they have to queue for COVID tests every three days

Fairfield residents stuck in their cars for hours waiting for new compulsory COVID-19 tests

Sydney news Fairfield MP demands more 24-hour COVID-19 testing to keep up with new rules

Communal areas of apartment blocks risky for Delta coronavirus variant, health authorities warn

Berejiklian praises regional residents as ‘public defenders’ during COVID lockdown

Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown rules Your car questions, answered

Darwin sent into snap lockdown after NT records four coronavirus cases, Michael Gunner says Territory facing ‘biggest threat

WA Premier Mark McGowan warns NSW will face ongoing COVID-19 border restrictions if outbreak is not controlled

New COVID-19 restrictions for NSW now apply — here’s what you need to know

Pandemic ‘fatigue’ hits as Greater Sydney prepares for third week of lockdown

As the Delta variant spreads, Australian experts say maintaining ‘COVID zero’ means lockdowns until vaccination rate improve

Can my employer terminate me for refusing to wear a mask for a medical purpose

Britain’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigns after breaching COVID rules with aide Gina Coladangelo

plus the poo testing, whats next the anal swabs? – Mick Raven

COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Program – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

China starts using anal swabs to test ‘high-risk’ people for Covid Coronavirus

Wastewater treatment plants

The Solution to the Madness… – Mick Raven

NSW may have to give up on lockdown and live with Delta variant, government admits  – OMG a backflip? – Mick Raven

Common cold or Covid Upper respiratory symptoms are growing more prevalent, docs say

And its just a Cold! Well of course its Winter in NSW duh! – Mick Raven

Your turn now NSW as Gang of Three impose ‘Lock Step’ lockdown again

DELTA variant hysteria exposes the sobering truth Covid vaccines don’t work, and “variants” are pushed as scare stories

Time to pull up the Covid bandits now!


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  1. I can’t sign petition.. can’t agree to terms and cond.. no button for it on www!!!!!


    • If you tick ‘agree’ in the ‘box’ they (Gov) will retain the email to verify that you are not a bot etc – Mick Raven

      ie I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use for petitions.

      Signing a petition

      When you sign a petition, we ask for your name and a verifiable email address. We will not publish your information online, but your name will be included in the final petition presented to the House of Representatives.
      Your email address will be used to verify your intent to sign a petition. We also use your email address to make sure you haven’t signed the petition already, and that you’re a real person (and not a bot). We will not use your email address for any other purpose, and will not disclose it without your consent.


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