QR Codes…Spies in our Midst – ConspiracyOz

Just for the record email from the ‘Government’ to me recently – Mick Raven

Hello Michael
From 12 July, all workplaces and retail businesses must use the NSW Government QR code
to check in all visitors, including:
  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Contractors
  • Delivery people
This is the most effective way to help contact tracers keep us all safe.
Changes to business operations
Due to the stay at home orders some businesses will need to change how they operate
and others may need to temporarily close.

COVID check-in mandate expanded


Privacy complaints over ACT government using COVID-19 check-in app to monitor Canberra businesses’ activities

The ACT government has used its check-in app to monitor whether businesses are complying with health orders,

despite saying the data would only be used for “contact tracing”.


Police would not agree to stop accessing COVID SafeWA app data, Premier Mark McGowan says

The WA government was forced to introduce legislation after failing to reach an agreement with police over the use of information

collected from the SafeWA app, Premier Mark McGowan says.


Check In CBR app to be mandatory in supermarkets, on public transport under new ACT COVID-19 requirements

Canberrans will soon face fines if they do not use the Check In CBR app on public transport,

or in retail stores, taxis and ride-sharing services, under new rules announced on Thursday by the ACT government.


Retaining QR codes after COVID-19 idea draws fire in South Australia

An idea that South Australia’s contact tracing program could continue after COVID-19 passes

has seemingly garnered little support among politicians and the public, with some calling for it to be “nipped in the bud”.


Queensland Police Service tightens internal protocols on COVID Check In app access after officers perform ‘lawful’ data search

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) obtained a “lawfully issued search warrant”

to access data from the Check In Queensland COVID-19 app.


Queensland businesses to face random compliance checks as COVID-19 contact tracing app made mandatory

In addition to hospitality venues, places like shopping centres, grocery stores, gyms, universities, cinemas,

hairdressers and stadiums will be required to make customers register with the government’s Check In Queensland app.

Failure to comply with public health directions can lead to a $13,345 fine or six months’ imprisonment.


Your obligations NSW Government

Patrons without smartphones

For patrons who do not have access to a smartphone,

businesses and organisations are encouraged to record their contact details and time of entry in digital form

using a non-QR electronic device, such as a computer.

This record can be in the form of a spreadsheet or any other form of digital entry

that can track customer check-ins and protects the privacy of your clientele.



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