Jobless Zombie Horde Rising – ConspiracyOz

Winter is Coming and so are the Bankruptcies and Jobless hordes – Mick Raven

56,000 people lost employment in the month after JobKeeper ended

JobKeeper end sparks rush of dubious lay-offs and pay cuts, employment law centre warns

Business Conditions and Sentiments, May 2021 Australian Bureau of Statistics

JobKeeper is gone, so what can small businesses do if they’re in trouble

The end of JobKeeper wasn’t a blip. It might have cost close to 100,000 jobs

How JobKeeper turned into profit maker

JobKeeper recipients paying millions in bonuses to their executives, research reveals

Coronavirus 1 million Australian jobs to go because of virus

Coronavirus already costing casual workers their jobs

Centrelink JobKeeper ending, 250,000 Australian jobs expected to be lost

Up to 250,000 more unemployed when JobKeeper ends within weeks

Ending JobKeeper could cost up to 250k jobs, analysis reveals

Unemployment is high for all age groups

Want to know how much a job pays Here’s the income for hundreds of Australian occupations

Coronavirus work from home might become work done overseas

Millionaires who pay no tax and Australia’s richest and poorest postcodes revealed

The $1 Billion Club  – Remember this was 6 years ago – Mick Raven

And Remembering the Fallen…

17,000 uni jobs lost to COVID-19 – Universities Australia

University job losses Casuals bore the brunt as COVID drove unis to shed 7500 staff –  12 May 2021

Qantas has just stood down 20,000 staff – 19 Mar 2020

Australian universities suffer job losses over coronavirus concerns – 14 March 2020

Flight Centre announces shock closure of 100 stores due to coronavirus13 March 2020

Melbourne’s second coronavirus shutdown sees businesses closing for good – 10 Aug 2020

Coronavirus Aussie businesses devastated by COVID-19 are slashing jobs – 15 Jul 2020

University of NSW to cut almost 500 jobs because of challenges posed by coronavirus – 15 Jul 2020



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