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The Comparison…


Worldometers statistics of total World deaths from 1st January to June 24th 2018 was 28,129,079 (6 months)


(The method I used was to enter the website of Worldometer

into the wayback machine*/https: //

which shows data captured from 2004 to the current date 2021)


The current World deaths as of 1st January to 25th June 2021 is 28,462,018 (6 months)

therefore if we subtract 2018 amount from the 2021 total

we get 332,939 not quite the 3,925,227 that they claim to have died from the CoronaHoax

mmm remember there was no Covid19 in 2018!

                         *G A I N  o f  S T A T I S T I C S*

The only plausible ‘wayout’ for the ‘Controllers’ of this hoax is to say the statistics for Covid Deaths

were NOT included in the Total Death rates for 2020 and 2021 in the Worldometer data.

In fact The death rate for Covid19 from January 1st to June 25th (according to Worldometer) was 2,100,085! Go Figure! – 1,824,140 Covid19 deaths – 3,924,225 Covid19 deaths

Which by the way is sourced from the controllers themselves ugh!

I await their reply – Mick Raven


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