Dr Fausti? Dr Batman? Dr Evilest Mini Bill? Will the Real Dr Fauci Stand Up! – ConspiracyOz

We will have to wait and see if the Doctor is saved or damned! – Mick Raven

Dr Faust – Wikipedia

Scientist At Center Of Lab Leak Controversy Put In Charge Of The Lancet’s Task Force To Investigate Virus Origin

Legitimacy of Covid plandemic challenged in High Court June 17

Fauci knew about possible COVID lab leak evidence, ‘gain of function’ concerns, emails reveal

Bombshell Fauci wrote in 2012 that benefits of gain-of-function research ‘outweigh the risks’

Report Biden Admin SHUT DOWN Investigation Into Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Washington Post Journalist Forced to Eat Crow Over Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Biden’s CDC Director Says Lab Origin of COVID-19 a “Possibility”

HOLY COW! Fauci Defends The Right To Refuse!

WHO-China study on COVID-19 origin says transmission from bats to humans via another animal ‘very likely’




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