Take Us to Your Leader? – ConspiracyOz

‘Close Encounters of the Closed Mind’ or get ready for the ‘New World Order’ to save us from the Unknown? – Mick Raven

Oh my God its a U.E.P.!! Whats a U.E.P? answer…Unexplained Earthly Phenomenon! – Mick Raven

Marco Rubio urges US to take UFOs seriously ahead of government report UFOs The Guardian

60 Minutes UFOs Ryan Graves says he them saw ‘every day’ – The Washington Post

Leaked footage shows UFO ‘disappear’ over water

The Pentagon thinks UFOs may exist after all… and the evidence is growing

The Pentagon confirms newly-leaked UFO video was filmed by US Navy Sunrise

UFO threat next disinformation campaign for Earth

War of the Worlds anyone? – Mick Raven

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