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Recent email from AussieDadBloke commenting on the ABC’s ‘Fake’ reporting – Mick Raven

Notice in article below ‘Pandemic 3 per cent rate, compare this to the ‘Spanish Flu’ Pandemic of 1918’s  possible 10% death rate – Mick Raven

Excerpt from the ABC’s Article Australia’s current COVID-19 treatment options, and why the national fatality rate is so high

4th April 2021

Australia’s high case fatality

While Australia has a substantially lower number of COVID-19 cases than most countries in the world, the fatality rate in our diagnosed cases is generally much higher than elsewhere.

To date, Australia has recorded fewer than 30,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 909 deaths, putting case fatality at about 3 per cent.

The US, by comparison, has recorded 29.5 million confirmed cases and 537,200 deaths, meaning its case fatality is roughly 1.8 per cent.

Dr Tong said the main reason for Australia’s comparatively higher case fatality was because during Australia’s second wave, the virus hit nursing homes “really hard”.

There, COVID-19 quickly spread within a frail population, already unwell with other conditions, and who were most vulnerable to dying from the disease.

This also happened very early on in the pandemic, when experts were still learning about the disease and how best to treat it.

Professor Kirkpatrick said if influenza infiltrated nursing homes at the same rate, there could likely be a similar number of deaths recorded.

It is worth noting that those who become severely ill with COVID-19 in Australia have recovered at an incredible rate throughout the pandemic.

At 22 per cent, Australia’s ICU mortality is one of the lowest in the world.


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