Well it is an ‘Experimental’ Vaccine you know – ConspiracyOz

Let the scams begin – Mick Raven

‘Move along nothing to see here’ – Scomo

Scott Morrison stands by AstraZeneca COVID vaccine rollout after blood clot concerns overseas

Of course he does…Nobody disobeys The ‘New World Order’ plus he received the Pfizer shot didn’t he – Mick Raven

Scott Morrison posted pictures of his COVID-19 vaccination on Facebook.

Oh wait so did Health Minister Greg Hunt (He received the Astra-Zeneca jab) – Mick Raven

Australia’s health minister hospitalised with ‘suspected infection’ Vaccines and immunisation The Guardian

Health Minister Greg Hunt must release his medical records as a matter of public interest after he was hospitalised less than 48 hours after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID19 vaccine.

And of course you wouldn’t fake the shot would you? – Mick Raven

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s ‘fake’ flu vaccination sparks conspiracy theories 7NEWS.com.au

And now reality Ppl – Mick Raven

Norwegian Medicines Agency notified of blood clots and bleeding in younger people after vaccination with AstraZeneca vaccine

Denmark Stops Astra Zeneca Vaccinations Over Blood Clot Risk

Covid Ireland, Netherlands suspend AstraZeneca vaccine amid blood clot fears

AstraZeneca says no increased risk of blood clots from coronavirus vaccine as Ireland joins nations suspending rollout – ABC

COVID-19 Some countries suspend Oxford jab over blood clot fears – what the experts say UK News Sky News

Coronavirus vaccine update Ireland suspends AstraZeneca vaccine after blood clot reports in Norway

AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots stopped by several European nations amid blood clot reports

Halting AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine rollout in EU an ‘overreaction’, according to experts – ABC News

Why some countries have suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine and what it means for Australia – explainer Health The Guardian

Covid-19 European countries suspend use of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine after reports of blood clots The BMJ

The calm before the Jabberwocky is unleashed – Mick Raven

NT’s delayed AstraZeneca vaccines were never ordered, federal government says – ABC News


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  1. More links to this Article – Mick Raven

    39-year-old woman dies 4 days after second Moderna vaccine, autopsy ordered News LifeSite

    Will the huge death toll and injuries from Covid vax in the UK awaken Australian sheeples Cairns News



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