The War on Food – ConspiracyOz

And don’t forget ‘Billy McGates’ the US’s largest farmland owner wants you to eat his Lab food as well as his Lab Virus/Vaccine – Mick Raven

You Must Eat 100% Synthetic Beef, Says Bill Gates Fortune Agribusiness unveils $150 million irrigation plans for Northern Territory cattle station

Bega Cheese, Fonterra dairy giant settle multinational court spat over peanut butter – ABC News

Vegemite – Wikipedia

China pulls the plug on Australia’s biggest live reef fish exporter – ABC News

The huge swathes of Australian farmland owned by foreign companies Daily Mail Online

Bush food, native plant products to be developed by Indigenous community and University of Queensland – ABC News

Juice industry in damage control after health star rating changed to rank lower than diet cola – ABC News

New health star rating system ranks fruit juice below diet cola in shift to sugar-based grading – ABC News

Salmon giant Tassal silent on mass death of fish near Port Arthur – ABC News

China’s trade sanctions on Australian agriculture force farmers to find new markets – ABC News

Agforce rolls over supporting zero emissions to wipe out its farmer members Cairns News

National Lost Crop Register surpasses $45 million in losses at farmgate value due to worker shortage – ABC News

Would-be fruit picker calls for more flexible hiring practices as growers seek answers to worker shortage – ABC News

Beef prices bust butcher’s bottom line as cattle market reaches new highs – ABC News

Plandemic now affecting our food growers and prices go through the roof as crops are ploughed in Cairns News

Fruit and vegetable growers’ mental health declines with no end in sight to worker shortage, new data reveals – ABC News

Australian exporters feel the pinch as shipping container shortage, COVID-19 protocols take a toll – ABC News

Barley finds a home in Mexico as CBH sends first shipment from WA – ABC News

Fruit and veg growers ‘at the pointy end’ of labour shortages as government incentives fall short of industry’s needs – ABC

When backpackers went home, these Australians gave farm jobs a go. Here’s how they went – ABC News

Singapore approves sale of lab-grown chicken nuggets in world first – ABC News





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