Satan’s Covid Minions? or Blind with Power Elitists?

(Translated to English from the original in Italian using Google Translate  – Mick Raven)

Radio Maria, the director Father Livio: “Covid is a criminal project of the world elites to eliminate those who are not there and reduce us to zombies”

November 17, 2020

The priest on the origin of the virus: «The epidemic is not a random project, which does not come from bats or from the Wuhan market. It developed to hit the West “

Radio Maria, the director Father Livio: "Covid is a criminal project of the world elites to eliminate those who are not there and reduce us to zombies"

“I tell you how I think. I have broadened my knowledge and broadened my horizons: this epidemic is a very specific project to hit the West . I have always attributed it to the devil, who acts through men and therefore criminal minds, who have achieved it with a very specific purpose: to create a sudden transition to carry out a kind of medical coup d’état “.

Speaking – in a new and controversial radio intervention – is Father Livio Fanzaga, director of Radio Maria , born in 1940, during the program “Christian reading of chronicle and history” aired on 11 November last. According to the presbyter, behind the epidemic there is “ a project aimed at weakening humanity, to bring it to its knees, to establish a sanitary and cyber dictatorship , through the elimination of all those who do not say yes to this criminal project carried out by the world elites, perhaps with the complicity of some state ».

Fanzaga is not new – it should be remembered – to interventions that lead to discussion. One for all? In 2016, for example, he said that the earthquake in central Italy was a divine punishment for making civil unions possible.

According to Fanzaga, there is a very specific project behind Covid and the origin of the virus is not linked to the Wuhan market in China: «This epidemic is a non-random project, which does not come from bats or the Wuhan market.It developed as a very specific project to strike the West, perhaps not only from China.

“It started in Brazil, causing 60 million deaths, with a simulation of the Gates Foundation . And then in fact it came about exactly like that “. In short, at the basis of all the desire to “eliminate all those who are not playing this game, creating the new world – which would be that of Satan – where we will all be zombies . It is a real thing, not far-fetched. And they are in a hurry to make it happen by 2021, in my opinion “.

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