Remember the Hysteria with the ‘Wuhan Zombieland Specticle’ – ConspiracyOz

How quickly we forget – Mick Raven

Coronavirus update Photos reveal toll of outbreak from inside Wuhan, China

Disturbing Footages Show People Collapsing in Virus-Hit Chinese City of Wuhan

Coronavirus Outbreak Man lies dead on a street in China – YouTube – Comments are gold in this clip – Mick Raven


Coronavirus leaves Wuhan a ‘zombieland’ with people collapsing in streets and medics patrolling in hazmat suits

Wuhan Zombieland Social Media Footages Shows Coronavirus Infected People Collapsing On Street

Are People Collapsing in the Street from Coronavirus – Even Snopes (Globalist Fact checkers) didn’t debunk this – Mick Raven

No truth to reports people collapsing on street and dying MENAFN.COM – That’s because its fake – Mick Raven

People collapsing in the streets of Wuhan through CORONAVIRUS

As Beijing claims credit for beating coronavirus, many Chinese are outraged ‘Fake! It’s all fake!’ – Los Angeles Times

Bringing out the Beast in Ppl – Mick Raven

Coronavirus Dogs and cats thrown from apartments due to rumour

Coronavirus – Cats and dogs ‘thrown from tower blocks’ in China after fake news rumours animals are causing spread

People in China throw out pets from apartments over coronavirus spread fears

Coronavirus rumour that pets can carry virus results in animals thrown to their deaths

‘Dogs and cats reportedly thrown from apartments’ in China over coronavirus fears – NZ Herald

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