Covid19 Detention / Re-Education Camps in Australia? – ConspiracyOz

WA could quarantine international arrivals at Christmas Island and Yongah Hill, WA Premier suggests – ABC News – And Australian Citizens eventually as well? – Mick Raven

Covid-19 Christmas Island – Free of the VirusHoax?…Not for long! – Mick Raven

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ploughs ahead with mining camp quarantine proposal despite regional concerns

Bob Katter wants cyclone-hit Dunk Island Resort turned into COVID-19 quarantine facility

Send those in Covid quarantine to beautiful Dunk Island Cairns News

Foreign military personnel to be released from Darwin CBD quarantine days after COVID cases recorded – ABC News

NT health organisations question decision to quarantine foreign military in Darwin hotel – ABC News

Foreign military arrivals test positive to COVID-19 in Darwin hotel quarantine – ABC News

Pacific Island workers bound for Victoria to complete coronavirus quarantine in Tasmania under state deal

Australian Open coronavirus quarantine hotel’s discarded PPE found outside neighbours’ homes – Reasons for the public to agree on moving the ‘Lepers’ away from the Cities – Mick Raven

Who is responsible for quarantine in Australia

Health expert calls for WA hotel coronavirus quarantine overhaul after Jenny D’Ubios breach

SA police reveal 99 security guards stood down or sacked for coronavirus medi-hotel breaches

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  1. Will Australia follow China’s shining example? – Mick Raven

    China builds massive COVID-19 isolation centre as cases in Hebei province surge – ABC News


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