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The Government’s grip tightens on our privacy and rights to freedom in this fake pandemic, announced by the W.H.O. of which only 16 of 34 Executive members are actual Medical doctors. The same Ppl that announced in March 2020 that this ‘Flu’ was a Pandemic – Mick Raven

Woman who fled Perth hotel quarantine tests negative for COVID-19, faces possible jail sentence

Jenny Maree D’Ubios…. now faces a fine of up to $50,000 or 12 months in prison.

Ms D’Ubios was last seen walking along Adelaide Terrace in Perth’s CBD at 10:20am on Saturday, but authorities did not alert the public for more than nine hours after her escape, despite the potential risk to community health. WA Health Minister Roger Cook said the woman tested negative for COVID-19 on Sunday.

“The Government is going to use an army to mass vaccinate you for a 0.03 per cent contraction rate for a virus that doesn’t exist,” Ms D’Ubios said in one such post.

WA hotel quarantine security guards to be given greater powers to stop people breaching rules – ABC News

Health expert calls for WA hotel coronavirus quarantine overhaul after Jenny D’Ubios breach – ABC News

Professor Patrick McGorry…. said governments should look to strategies used in managing the mental health of prisoners when considering how to best support those in hotel quarantine.

“There’s a lot of experience of this type of incarceration … to draw on here on how we might be able to improve the mental health response,” he said.

He said an important first step would be to introduce mental health assessments for all arrivals.

Liberal Party Tony Krsticevic…. said “A key consideration should be alternative forms of quarantine, including facilities in rural areas or hotels with balconies.”

he said the need to properly secure those facilities was just as important as diversifying them.

“We need to have police [at all hotels] or the security guards need to have the powers to stop people from leaving,” he said. “This needs to be a priority for the police.” 

Shoot to Kill Powers soon? – Mick Raven

Patrick McGorry – Wikipedia

McGorry has been accused of having a conflict of interest in using his position on a government advisory committee to advocate for programs that he founded – excerpt Patrick McGorry – Wikipedia

Remove the Lepers!! – Mick Raven

As NSW grapples with the Northern Beaches cluster, experts call for more changes to hotel quarantine

Professor Marylouise McLaws, an epidemiologist and advisor to the World Health Organization….”And they shouldn’t come into high density cities, they should really go somewhere like the Howard Springs quarantine station, or some sort of regional area… because they are placing the communities at risk,” she says.

Coronavirus Australia: Hotel quarantine reform calls grow for move to regional Australia

Coronavirus sparks WA plan for electronic tracking, 10 years in jail for COVID-19-related crimes

WA coronavirus restrictions to be enforced with on-the-spot fines issued by police

Quarantine rules | NSW Government

Papers Please!! – Mick Raven

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria | Coronavirus update – Red Zones and travel permits

Travel and COVID-19 – Department of Agriculture

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