Fingers in the Covid Pie – ConspiracyOz

Bill Gates Funding both Vaccines in Australia…well I never – Mick Raven

Novavax deal announced by Australian PM Scott Morrison in coronavirus vaccine update

Two more potential coronavirus vaccines secured for Australia, Federal Government says – ABC News

Australia is hedging its bets with a $1.5 billion investment in two potential COVID-19 vaccines, one of which is based on technology that has never before been produced on a global scale.

The Federal Government has secured 50 million more potential coronavirus vaccine doses through two new agreements with companies Novavax and Pfizer/BioNTech.



In 2018, Novavax received a US$89 million research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for development of vaccines for maternal immunization.

Novavax executives stand to collect millions even if covid-19 vaccine doesn’t work – The Washington Post

Novavax – Wikipedia

NOVAVAX, INC. Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company Profile MarketScreener



In September 2019, BioNTech signed an agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop HIV and tuberculosis programs to identify and develop preclinical vaccine and immunotherapy candidates for the prevention of HIV and tuberculosis infections and for the long-term antiretroviral therapy-free remission of HIV diseases.

BioNTech – Wikipedia

BIONTECH SE Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company Profile MarketScreener



Pfizer – Wikipedia

PFIZER INC. Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company Profile MarketScreener

Pfizer Inc Profile: Summary

Pfizer Inc. – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates says Pfizer has best shot at early COVID-19 vaccine


The big push for vaccines for profit – Mick Raven

Big Pharma Backs Joe Biden

Guess who the pharma industry is supporting for president – Drug Discovery and Development

Six reasons why immunisation is more relevant

Yellow fever, Ebola, Zika, bird fluwhatever epidemic is next, vaccines will be needed as part of the solution. As populations continue to grow, alongside climate change and urbanisation, it will be increasingly necessary to have high herd immunity for the diseases we know are waiting to strike. This means strong routine immunisation and adequate vaccine stockpiles, while also preparing for diseases we currently know less about.

The push for a COVID-19 vaccine

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million to set up Gavi in 1999. The Foundation is a key Gavi partner in vaccine market shaping. Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million to set up Gavi in 1999.

CEPI New Vaccines

COVAX Working for global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines

COVAX Facility convenes first meeting of COVAX Shareholders Council Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Advance market commitments – Wikipedia

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation committed US$1.5 billion to launch the first Advance Market Commitment (AMC) to help speed the development and availability of a new vaccine

ALLof Bill’s fingers in the Covid Pie Ppl – Mick Raven


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