London Pub Demands “No Extended Eye Contact” as Part of Corona Rules

Paul Joseph Watson

29 September, 2020

A pub in London has issued a set of coronavirus rules for social distancing that demands customers do not engage in “extended eye contact” with people sat on other tables.

Yes, really.

An information sheet for the London Fields pub tells customers they must wear a face mask when entering, exiting or moving around the room, along with other standard COVID-19 regulations.

However, the advisory also tells drinkers, “No handshaking, high fiving or extended eye contact with anyone not on your table.”

Some people speculated that the eye contact rule may have been a troll added by the managers to express their displeasure at the pedantic nature of coronavirus regulations.


So there we have it people, no lingering looks to the bitty on the table over from you

— kristinna (@RED660) September 27, 2020

However, given the draconian nature of how some pubs and restaurants are enforcing lockdown rules for fear of being shut down, it could actually be legitimate.

Last month we reported on a coronavirus alert sign seen in the northern market town of Stockton-on-Tees which told pedestrians to “Look away when passing other people.”


As we highlighted yesterday, the new restrictions ban signing and dancing in pubs, while people who merely stand up at their table are being shouted down by overbearing staff.

COVID enforcer marshals are also peering through windows and letterboxes to ensure pubs and clubs follow social distancing rules.

Under new laws announced last week, all pubs and restaurants are forced to close at 10pm, something which has led to people spilling out onto the streets and congregating in large groups, defeating the purpose of the curfew entirely.


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