Lockdowns Have No Effect…This is a N.W.O. Grab for Control- ConspiracyOz

These Charts reflect the reason why Lockdowns have no effect whatsoever,

remember its the death rate that matters – Mick Raven



The Coronavirus in Asia and ASEAN – Live Updates by Country


Here in Brazil, the lockdown-breaking locals are rooting for herd immunity

Coronavirus pandemic in Brazil – The Brazilian Report

COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil – Wikipedia

And if Brazil needs a Loan they can always rely on China,

Russia and the World Bank / NWO for help – Mick Raven

New Development Bank – Wikipedia

World Bank Group – Wikipedia


COVID-19 Outbreak Cases in Uruguay – COVID-19 pandemic in Uruguay – Wikipedia

Uruguay – Wikipedia

South Korea

South Korea conquered coronavirus without a lockdown a model to follow


Japan’s COVID-19 Measures Controlling the Spread Without Lockdowns

Wow! This country seems to have beaten Coronavirus without Lockdown, mass testing

Coronavirus Japan’s mysteriously low virus death rate – BBC News


How Did Sweden Flatten Its Curve Without a Lockdown

Coronavirus was Sweden’s controversial ‘herd immunity’ strategy right all along


Coronavirus Victoria The world’s longest COVID-19 lockdowns how Melbourne compares

Coronavirus Victoria Melbourne under lockdown for longer than China’s virus ground zero Wuhan

Stage four lockdown could last until end of September

Business lashes Victoria’s extended lockdown

United Kingdom

Are we heading for a second lockdown, and what are the new UK rules


COVID-19 Israel to reimpose new nationwide lockdown as virus cases surge


Europe lockdown New coronavirus rules country by country – BBC News


Our ongoing list of how countries are reopening, and which ones remain under lockdown Business Insider

Almost 10 million children may never return to school following COVID-19 lockdown

List of Countries Without Coronaviru

Explained These are the countries that have not imposed lockdowns Explained News,The Indian Express

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