Bat S#@t Crazy Police State Victoria 2020 – ConspiracyOz

Get Ready Ppl this is the test case for all of Oz, no more free speech allowed – Mick Raven

Assistant Commissioner (‘Use the Force Luke’) Cornelius

‘Utterly selfish’ Lockdown protest planner arrested, faces $20,000 penalty

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius slams planned COVID restrictions protest

and Yet…. – Mick Raven

Victoria Police will NOT fine people attending a Melbourne Black Lives Matter protest

The Gatekeeper minion (United Nations eh!) – Mick Raven

Luke Cornelius – The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

Liar Liar Pants on Fire? – Mick Raven

Cop grilled over crossed out Gobbo note

Squeaky Clean? – Mick Raven

OPI investigate police links with criminals – ABC News

Stuffed it Up..Sorry? – Mick Raven

Victoria Police Raided the Wrong Property and Broke an Innocent Man’s Arm

4 Shots, Fast and Furious…Dead in 30 seconds – Mick Raven

Man shot dead by police in Gladstone Park in Melbourne’s north-west

Luke Batty? – Mick Raven

Luke Batty inquest told his dad was ‘mad not bad’

How Many Killed now yep keep em safe eh – Mick Raven

‘This is about men’s behaviour’, says top police officer after another woman’s murder

And the List goes on…. – Mick Raven

Coronavirus Victoria Cop grabs woman by throat for not wearing face mask

Police single out so-called ‘sovereign citizens’ for breaking Victoria’s coronavirus mask rules

Victoria Police officer accused of choking woman with no mask

Vic Police forced to smash car windows over non-compliance

Coronavirus Australia Military deployed and car windows smashed by police to enforce lockdown

Watch Australian Police Choke, Wrestle Woman to the Ground for Not Wearing a Mask

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