Do Not Consent To Experimental Vaccines That Won’t Work – ConspiracyOz

As you may have seen our illustrious failed Prime Minister is trying his hand at Dictator by telling the Australian People that they will take the Experimental Jab or face consequences.

Aided by ‘Mirko Bagaric, the Dean of the Swinburne University Law School who describes himself as “utilitarian”, said yes, the Government should find ways to enforce a vaccination schedule for coronavirus. excerpt from recent ABC news story

‘Mirko’ who writes for ‘The Australian’ (Rupert Murdoch owns) also condones bringing back ‘Torture’ and supports Euthanasia what a guy eh!

Not Enough Official Torture in the World

Make torture legal, say two academics

I am not sure if you want to be a Human guinea pig for big Pharma, but I will be refusing the vaccine and you should too. – Mick Raven

Coronavirus vaccine could be tied to government payments, Health Minister Greg Hunt says – ABC News

Could the coronavirus vaccine be mandatory in Australia Experts say it’s possible – ABC News

I Can’t Believe They Are Trying To Make This Mandatory!

Australian-made COVID-19 vaccine could be rolled out in the Pacific and South-East Asia, Scott Morrison says – ABC News

Coronavirus update Chinese flight to PNG stopped over vaccine trial concerns – ABC News

CovidOzVax, The new SOMA (Brave New World) – Mick Raven

Were the dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine ignored and the risks of the illness exaggerated?

A repeat of this in the works? – Mick Raven

Coronavirus hotel quarantine to be enforced in WA with ankle bracelets for high-risk guests – ABC News

Its getting very 1984 in Oz these days mmm – Mick Raven

China, Russia, the US and UK have all picked COVID-19 vaccine ‘winners’ — this week is Australia’s turn – ABC News

And finally…will you be a lucky winner too? – Mick Raven

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  1. All of this (CoronaHoax) over 463 ‘debatable’ deaths by Covid19, most in unprotected Aged Care Facilities. And now we, 26 million Australians are to be herded like cattle by our salivating Politicians to be used as experimental objects for Big Pharma / Globalists…Ugh!! ? – Mick Raven


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