The Fake Reality – ConspiracyOz

Notice the similarities…go figure, fudging the figures mmm.– Mick Raven

Pandemic Look at 2017 Reports (Not Fake News!) from C.D.C etc Flu Deaths Worldwide etc – ConspiracyOz

And miraculously the latest news says seasonal flu way down this year, ha! but of course! the Flu stats have gone to CovidBS stats, uh! – Mick Raven

Flu deaths prevented as cases plummet amid coronavirus lockdowns, AMA says – ABC News

Flu deaths drop in Australia as coronavirus restrictions save hundreds of lives – ABC News

Australia sees huge decrease in flu cases due to coronavirus measures New Scientist

Department of Health Australian Influenza Surveillance Report – No 05 – week ending 14 June 2020

Plus they (Powers that be) can booster the numbers up and down at will, its a fake numbers game that you are afraid of in this ‘New Normal’ – Mick Raven


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