WHO’s Side are you on Bill? – ConspiracyOz

Opinion Bill Gates is wrong. China’s coronavirus coverup is not a ‘distraction.’

Bannon Bill Gates is now a running dog for the Chinese Communist Party

Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Licks China’s Boots They Did a Lot of Things Right

Bill Gates Says His Axed Nuclear Reactor Is a Trade War Warning

Bill Gates named to influential foreigner list in China Network World

Bill Gates defends China over coronavirus response and says criticism of Beijing is a ‘distraction’

Bill Gates’ Strange Relationship with China and the Coronavirus

Investigation on Microsoft’s Involvement in the Chinese Communist Party’s Human Rights Abuses

In bed with China Bill Gates

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Chinese office

Bill Gates – Wikipedia

SHOCK VIDEO Bill Gates Admits Covid-19 Vaccine Will Kill And Maim 700,000

And yes Gates and his mates (Soros, Buffet etc) like to throw stones at the West, remember ‘No Lives Matter’ to the Globalist Overlords – Mick Raven

Yes, Bill Gates Investor in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Brand Acme Bricks – Allegedly Supplying Antifa, Black Lives Matter


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