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No second Wave in Sweden as they (Swedish) continue life as normal, and do you really think the Globalists ie Bill (Gatekeeper) Gates really care if elderly people die of Covid19?…This is the New World Order in full swing, take note – Mick Raven

Anders Tegnell, the man behind Sweden’s contentious coronavirus plan, has a legion of fans

Anders Tegnell – Wikipedia

Coronavirus Anders Tegnell, State Epidemiologist of Sweden, on herd immunity

‘I haven’t changed my mind’ Swedish science chief remains confident country is building immunity

Sweden admits ‘too many old people died’ in its coronavirus plan

Sweden’s Failure to Protect Its Elderly Population from Coronavirus Started Long Before the Pandemic

Sweden to drop daily coronavirus briefings as scandal grows over its loose handling of the pandemic Fortune

Coronavirus Is Taking a High Toll on Sweden’s Elderly. Families Blame the Government.

Sweden coronavirus Anders Tegnell slams WHO for placing it in surge risk countries list

Stefan Hanson is critical of the Swedish government’s pandemic response.

The Plan? – Mick Raven


Passive euthanasia was deemed legal after a landmark court ruling in 2010. That means a health care professional can legally cease life support upon request from a patient if they understand the consequences stated by their health care provider, and administering a lethal substance is also illegal.

Legality of euthanasia


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