The ‘Mistake’ that Sparked an Outrage – ConspiracyOz

So are the statistics telling the truth?

Do you trust the ‘System’ with your life?

The ‘Fear’ campaign continues – Mick Raven

27 2020

Queensland man Nathan Turner dies with coronavirus, youngest victim in Australia – ABC News

30-year-old Queensland man dies from Covid-19 and 300 Cedar Meats staff to resume work in Victoria

Queensland man, 30, becomes youngest person to die from coronavirus in Australia

Coronavirus deaths Australia: Qld man, 30, dies from COVID-19

Coronavirus Australia: Queensland man in his 30s dies from coronavirus, taking national toll to 103

Coronavirus In Australia: 30-Year-Old Queensland Man Dies

Coronavirus: Queensland man, 30, dies after contracting COVID-19

9 News Queensland – Testing underway in Blackwater


Then 5 Days later after the ‘Fear’ had set in – Mick Raven

Jun 1, 2020

Nathan Turner did not have coronavirus, after miner’s death prompted widespread testing in Blackwater

Coronavirus death Blackwater: Nathan Turner found not to have COVID-19 | 7NEWS

Coronavirus Australia: Nathan Turner tests negative for COVID-19, Queensland Health confirms

Jun 2, 2020

Premier apologises to distraught family for unreliable Covid 19 test Cairns News

Queensland premier apologises for Blackwater man’s false-positive coronavirus result

Premier apologises for Blackwater man Nathan Turner’s false coronavirus result ABC News

Coronavirus Australia: Autopsy finds Nathan Turner did not have COVID-19

Father of Blackwater man Nathan Turner backs Qld health

From the Father (Rodney Turner) from article in above link – Mick Raven

“For a week we have sat on the sidelines silently grieving our unbelievable loss, while the media has had an absolute field day,” Mr Turner wrote.

“We do not have a cause of death and have been told by the Coroner’s office that due to his complicated medical history and the volume of tests being carried out, this may take quite some time to be finalised,” he said.

Suspicious death? we shall see – Mick Raven

The Fallout…

Why Your Positive Coronavirus Antibody Test Might Be Wrong Lifehacker Australia

COVID-19 How accurate is testing World Economic Forum

‘But if you have typical symptoms of coronavirus,

then it’s safest to assume that you have the disease, even if your test is negative’

There it is Ppl, quote from the ‘World Economic Forum article in above link….don’t believe the hype’ – Mick Raven

The result…

Mandatory vaccinations, biometric identification and digital payments coming soon to Australia Cairns News

Half a Million Sign Petition Refusing Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine – Big League Politics

Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations – 21st Century Wire

Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine! – Activist Post

The Race is on – Mick Raven

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  1. This is why Australian’s came out in force (thousands) to protest against mandatory vaccinations which was demonised by the presstitute media for not social distancing yet the ‘Black lives Matter’ protests (much larger) were not reported on for nanny state social distancing – Mick Raven

    Anti-vax protesters defy coronavirus restrictions across Australia PerthNow

    Coronavirus Australia live updates Virus protesters defy restrictions in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    Coronavirus Antivax protesters defy restrictions in Melbourne rally, railing against 5G and vaccines

    Australian anti-vaxxers label Covid-19 a ‘scam’ and break distancing rules at anti-5G protests

    And now there is talk of a 2nd Wave? thanks ‘George Soros’ – Mick Raven

    Fears of a coronavirus spike after Black Lives Matter protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide

    Mathias Cormann criticises Black Lives Matter protesters for gathering amid coronavirus – ABC News

    COVID-19 Informer Health fears grow after huge support for Black Lives Matter protests The Canberra Times

    Still believe in the ‘System’ – Mick Raven


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