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We have a dilemma Ppl, there are prominent influential personalities that are being swayed into the political correctness of the New World Order (call it what it is) with organisations like ‘Black Lives Matter’ funded by Billionaire Globalist George Soros for millions of dollars (because he cares?) that have succumbed to the whim of the Mob rules mentality. Most are just following the Dollar or Orders from above.

This will eventually bring forth a Police State world wide which is exactly what Globalists like George Soros wants.

Black Lives Matter – Wikipedia

Black Lives Matter Receives $100 Million from Foundations – Patrol – POLICE Magazine

List of projects supported by George Soros – Wikipedia

Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations – Washington Times

COURT DOCUMENTS George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal GreatGameIndia

Once established then mandatory tracking and vaccinating will start…enter another Billionaire Globalist Bill Gates.

Bill Gates’ coronavirus vaccine could be ready in 12 months

Bill Gates backs Aussie patch-up for next pandemic

Bill Gates Depopulation Plans Caught On Camera MONSANTO, FOOD RIOTS, EUGENICS – YouTube

Bill Gates wants to WHAT! Depopulation Through Vaccines and Healthcare! – YouTube


Full Playbook Interview Bill Gates – POLITICO

If that wasn’t enough then watch another Billionaire Globalist Jeff Bezos take control of Food and Healthcare Essentials market,

Jeff Bezos says ordering groceries online is better for the planet. Is he right Grist

Do You Trust Jeff Bezos With Your Life Tech Giants Like Amazon Are Getting into the Health Care Business

Amazon-owned Whole Foods’ decision to drop health benefits for hundreds of part-time workers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos grows fortune by $24bn amid coronavirus pandemic The Guardian

Warren slams Bezos over Amazon’s decision to cut medical benefits for part-time Whole Foods workers

Jeff Bezos’ Plan to Colonize Space is Based on Sheer Nonsense

his intention was “to get all people off the Earth and see it turned into a huge national park.”

The Corona Hoax has served the Masters well as it has established instability in peoples lives World wide, businesses have collapsed and a dog eat dog attitude is the normal way now. Don’t be swayed by the feel good advertisements by corporations and government, it is false. People are suffering like they never have before. This is a take over by un-elected Globalists who see themselves as the new ‘Monarchs of the future’. If we don’t stop this madness we will be culled from the Earth and History.

Time to WAKE UP! – Mick Raven

Food for thought….

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation The Sunday Times

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation – Population Media Center

Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population, Report Says – The Wealth Report – WSJ

The Fallout…

Video Anti-vax and 5G protesters rally

Australian anti-vaxxers label Covid-19 a ‘scam’ and break distancing rules at anti-5G protests

Anti-vaccination and anti-5G protesters march in Brisbane – ABC News

Coronavirus Antivax protesters defy restrictions in Melbourne rally, railing against 5G and vaccines

Coronavirus Australia live updates Virus protesters defy restrictions in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Coronavirus anti-vaxxers aren’t a huge threat yet.

Anti-vaccination activists are a growing force at virus protests

Anti-vax protesters defy coronavirus restrictions across Australia PerthNow

Bizarre protests against vaccinations and 5G take place across Australia Daily Mail Online


And yet ‘They’ BLM supporters don’t have to social distance and be fined by Police…what a mess Ppl – Mick Raven

Black Lives Matter Brisbane Thousands raise their voices for justice

Black Lives Matter protests are happening at the same time as social distancing.

Can you socially distance at a Black Lives Matter rally in Australia and New Zealand

And yet….

Fears of a coronavirus spike after Black Lives Matter protests in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide

Australia police seek ban on ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally over COVID-19 – The Statesman

Mathias Cormann criticises Black Lives Matter protesters for gathering amid coronavirus – ABC News

Court bans Australian Black Lives Matter rally over coronavirus – BBC News

COVID-19 Informer Health fears grow after huge support for Black Lives Matter protests The Canberra Times

NSW Premier intends to absolutely block future Black Lives Matter protests

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