Chinese Company Mengniu (Implicated in the 2008 Chinese milk scandal) Buys Aussie Food Brands – ConspiracyOz

After examining the label on ‘The Juice Brothers’ Orange Juice label we bought in Coles New World (Order) supermarket

I noticed it said ‘part of L D&D’ so I dug…..Mick Raven

Products Juice Brothers

LD&D Australia Pty Ltd – Company Profile and News – Bloomberg Markets


Lion Dairy & Drinks – Wikipedia

Kirin Company – Wikipedia

On 25th November 2019, it was announced that China’s Mengniu Dairy had purchased Lion Dairy from Kirin, for approximately AUD $600 million


The history the Presstitute Media won’t mention – Mick Raven

2008 Chinese milk scandal

The 2008 Chinese milk scandal was a significant food safety incident in China.

The scandal involved milk and infant formula along with other food materials and components

being adulterated with melamine.

Of an estimated 300,000 victims in China, six babies died from kidney stones and other kidney damage

and an estimated 54,000 babies were hospitalized. The chemical gives the appearance of higher protein content when added to milk,

leading to protein deficiency in the formula. In a separate incident four years prior, diluted milk had resulted in 12 infant deaths from malnutrition.

The scandal broke on 16 July 2008, after sixteen babies in Gansu Province were diagnosed with kidney stones.

There was melamine contamination in 10% of liquid milk samples from Mengniu and Yili, and 6% of those from Bright Dairy.

On discovery of contamination, the three major producers were all stripped of their status as ‘Chinese national brands’.

Yili, Mengniu and Bright Dairy & Food Co. recalled tainted powdered milk and apologised in separate statements.

Mengniu recalled all its baby formula, and trading in its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was suspended on 17 September.

Mengniu Dairy – Wikipedia

China’s Parents Crave Illegally Imported Baby Formula – Bloomberg

China Mengniu Dairy shares suspended -HKex – Reuters

Mengniu Arla Hit by China Baby Milk Contamination Crisis – Food Industry News

CHINA MENGNIU DAIRY COMPANY LIMITED Shareholders Board Members Managers

Blackrock is in there too Ppl, yes in Mengniu, a Chinese Communist Party controlled company with Headquarters in the Tax haven Cayman Islands.


And now ‘they’ are here in Australia – Mick Raven

Mengniu-Bellamy’s acquisition Australia’s treasurer sets out ‘enforceable conditions’ in unprecedented move

Lion dairy and drinks arm set to be acquired by China’s Mengniu Dairy for $600m

Mengniu buys Lion Dairy and Drinks

Agreement to sell balance of Dairy & Drinks to China Mengniu Dairy Company

ACCC gives green light to Mengniu deal to buy Lion Dairy & Drinks

Chinese company to buy Dairy Farmers and other dairy icons for $600 million

Farmers want checks on Mengniu’s Lion Dairy bid


And how ’bout this…..

Chinese state-owned companies buy up water in the Murray-Darling

Through the back door as well….

Horticulture New Zealand CEO publicly admits to importing vegetables from China and sending on to Australia


They (China) really care about us…ugh! – Mick Raven

Cancer-causing formaldehyde sprayed on vegetables in China

A berry bad sign: Fears over imported produce | Daily Telegraph

Glass found in frozen Chinese broccoli is asking for trouble

‘Chewing gum stuck on the sole of our shoes’ the China-Australia war of words

Chinese media boss calls Australia the ‘gum stuck to China’s shoe’

Chinese Government official slams Australia’s push for an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak

Getting the picture now Ppl, Food, Water and Real estate we are becoming a lackey of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

use the origin of Imported Food Map below – Mick Raven

Australia’s food imports world map: where our food is from | Esri Australia


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