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These comments are ‘Gold’ from ‘Granny Gum jobs’ (pseudonym) and an unknown commentor on the Reddit Forum recently – Mick Raven

Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

Revelations 13:17-18

Mass mandatory micro-chipping, mass mandatory vaccinations, constant monitoring of your every move, rationing of food and water, authoritarian measures of every kind. The ultra-rich have been planning this for a long time, and we’re heading into their endgame. If you were ever planning on waking up, now is the time.

Did Huxley warn us that this moment was coming?


It’s the screens distracting us, and the fact due to covid, people are begging the government to take their rights away. “Please vaccinate me, please microchip me, please create a new digital currency, and please put anyone who refuses into a concentration camp”

This is exactly what big brother wants. Massive surveillance. Keeping people in their homes, military in the streets, mandatory vaccines, obey the government, the banning of cash, people snitching on each other if they so much as cough, small business going bankrupt, economy crashing, corporations consolidating wealth. This is turning into an Orwellian wet dream.


Ya great. Then the government can just control you using your chip. They don’t like you? No problem they just turn your chip off. You no longer get access to healthcare, food, can’t pay rent etc.

The government does like you? They press a few buttons on a computer and boom you have a million dollars. Digital currency is just 1’s and 0’s on a computer screen. They mean nothing. Whoever controls these 1’s and 0’s controls the world.

The chip tracks everything you do. Your location, your money, your health, whether you can been vaccinated or not. And they will use that information to limit what you can and can’t do.

Those who refuse the chip will be sent to isolated concentration camps you will not return from. These camps already exist. In the US, these camps are already stocked with millions of plastic coffins.

Penalties coming for Albertans who don’t obey COVID-19 restrictions : Calgary


Here’s what will happen in the upcoming future:

First you will be microchipped whether you want to be or not. This microchip will initially just include information about you and whether or not you have received the vaccine or not. These microchips will be tracked using cell towers and other sensors when you walk into public places, stores etc.

Walmart already uses similar technology to track you when you walk into their stores. They have RFID scanners inside the metal detectors when you walk in the entrance and at checkout.

They track your purchasing, what you paid for it, how frequently, and use statistical analysis on your buying habits to price and stock items. Many Walmart’s also have implemented facial recognition systems. These same scanner also pick up the MAC address your phone broadcasts and tracks you using that as well.

Eventually, these microchips will also store your bank account information. Cash will be banned entirely and you will just tap/swipe your chip to pay for items. If the government doesn’t like you, or you are dissenting against your leaders, no problem, they will just turn your chip off. You will no longer be able to pay for anything, and as far as society is concerned you will be an outcast. A new digital currency will be ushered in. It will be considered a safe and official alternative to cryptocurrency that you can “trust”.

It will become acceptable to receive a chip because you will be doing it for the “safety of society”. Those who refuse will be ostracized similar to those who refuse vaccines. These chips will be used to continually monitor and track all civilians.

They will use rich and famous people first to implant them to try to convince the average person that it’s “cool” and normal to get these chips. If you don’t get the chip you will not be able to buy anything, and you will not be able to work. If you refuse to let your child get the chip, they will forcefully inject it anyway, and possibly put them under new custody.

Social distancing will continue to be encouraged, even after the virus is under control. People will be encouraged to work from home, use their chips to buy things online, watch tv, play video games, use their phones and other devices. Everything you say online will be tracked and monitored and linked to globally unique number which will be embedded in your chip.Large crowds, too large to be controlled by police forces, will be banned for “health reasons”

A universal basic income will be ushered in to “help” people who struggle when the economy collapses. But they have no intention of helping you get back on your feet.

Wealth will be reserved only for the select few. Everyone else will be on UBI welfare indefinitely. It will be the bare minimum needed to survive, but you won’t get more if you have a job. UBI provides corporations the justification to continue business as usual, filtering wealth to the top.

This plan has been in action since at least the 80’s. The public are already begging to be quarantined and protected. They too will beg to be microchipped out of fear. Alberta has already begun forcing anybody who wants EI or corona financial assistance to apply for a unique digital ID called MyAlberta Digital ID.

Mortgage freeze, rent freeze, universal basic income : Calgary


UBI is not what you think. We live in a world of scarce resources. Let’s say UBI provided everyone with 30k annually. (This would never happen, realistically it would be closer to 10k). But to play devils advocate let’s say 30k.. all of a sudden everyone gets 30k.

This causes hyperinflation, and your money is no longer worth 30k and you are back to square one. Do you think that just because everyone gets a livable wage that the problems of poverty will be gone? That UBI has to come from somewhere. So the government will just print more money, decreasing its value

We will still have scarce resources, we will still have an overpopulated world, we will still have oceans depleting of fish, and you will still need people to harvest these resources, and create all the goods we consume. The world’s resources will not be suddenly reallocated more efficiently just because of UBI. If everyone gets 30k, businesses just increase their prices, or decrease their wages, or both.


Universal basic income is not a good thing. When it happens it will eradicate the middle class and it will stay that way. Whether you have a good job or not, UBI will be permanent welfare for everyone (except the rich of course). It’s the bare minimum you need to survive, but you can’t get off it.

Plus where do you think this money will come from? The government would just print it and inject it into the economy, making all our money worth less

UBI does not solve the world’s problems. It doesn’t solve wealth inequality, it just allows corporations to continue with business as usual.

It doesn’t help the average person any more than welfare does. UBI is a bandaid solution. UBI is parroted by companies who want the government to pay employees the bare minimum so they don’t have to. Companies like Uber and Amazon are wealth extracting automated machines.

They just filter money to the top, and pay their workers the minimum. It’s basic economics, but companies are paying the media a lot to dress up the flaming dogshit that is UBI, to look like a solution to poverty.

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