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How will Australia fair? How will ‘She’ll Be Right Mate’ work now? Universal Basic Income imminent ppl,

UBI = $10,000 (US) or $17,629 (AUD) a year for everyone on earth…sounds good?

But the cost of living will rise above that. Then the Globalists have you – Mick Raven

Universal Basic Income Gains Traction As Coronavirus Spreads

Basic income – Wikipedia

Universal basic income The dangerous idea of 2016

Basic income a radical idea enters the mainstream – Parliament of Australia

Why UBI schemes are doomed to fail

Finland Finds Basic Income Failed to Boost Employment

Was Finland’s Universal Basic Income Program A Failure?

Why universal basic income is a bad idea

UBI Universal Basic Income is an Unbelievably Bad Idea

The Rich Already Have a UBI

Are We Heading Towards Universal Basic Income

Coronavirus 1 million Australian jobs to go because of virus

Coronavirus already costing casual workers their jobs

Australian universities suffer job losses over coronavirus concerns

Coronavirus update McDonald’s announces big restaurant changes amid virus outbreak

Coronavirus update Australia Unemployment rate could skyrocket as economy struggles

Qantas has just stood down 20,000 staff. How can they do that

Uber Eats Food delivery giants should HALVE their restaurant commissions during coronavirus pandemic

Flight Centre closes 100 stores across Australia due to business impact from coronavirus fears

Flight Centre announces shock closure of 100 stores due to coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak leads to calls for housing eviction bans amid job losses


Uh oh, Yangs point 4 sounds dangerously like a ‘Carbon Tax‘ that we (everyone) will be forced to pay.

So to cap up you will have no social welfare or medicare just your $250 (US) or $339 (AUD) a week…go figure – Mick Raven

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