Stocking Up Ppl?…Omg the Paindemic is Working – ConspiracyOz

Event 201!.. well, well, well so they (Gates) have the Vaccine as well? – Mick Raven

Analysis After Coronavirus Outbreak Begins, “Event 201” Held Last November By Gates Foundation

Global Pandemic Preparedness With Event 201

Three months before the coronavirus outbreak, researchers simulated a global pandemic

Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts

Interview Author of US BioWeapons Act Believes The WHO & China Are Lying About The Coronavirus

New Proposed Law To Jail Anti-Vaxxers & The CDC Fear Based Talking Points To Media Revealed!

Spanish Flu – Symptoms, How It Began & Ended

Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise

Event 201 scenario that was made by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security 3 months before 2019-nCoV ?

US Biowarfare Act Author Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized

Cashless Agenda China Is Scrubbing Cash Notes To Stop Virus Spreading So Its Paper Money Won’t Kill You

Bill Gates and depopulation by vaccine Cairns News

UN Troops Featured in World Military Games in Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak

Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!

Coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the humans

“Smoking gun” bombshell interview Prof. Francis Boyle exposes the bioweapons origins of the CoVid-19 coronavirus

Yale Study Coronavirus Shows 24-Day Incubation Period, Doctors Say Possible To Catch More Than Once

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  1. Thx to the Sandman for letting me know about Event 201, they left the ‘9’ off the end… mmm typo? – Mick Raven


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