Problem, Reaction, Vaccine Solution? – ConspiracyOz

Just Testing the Water? – Mick Raven

Coronavirus Update (Live): 69,270 Cases and 1,669 Deaths from the Wuhan China Virus Outbreak

Gilead joins GSK, J&J in offering coronavirus vaccine options – PharmaTimes

Coronavirus vaccines in development aren’t a short-term cure – Axios

Novel Coronavirus Johnson & Johnson

Xi Jinping visits Beijing coronavirus hospital, flags tougher measures to control deadly outbreak

Coronavirus, SARS and flu experts compare the differences between the diseases

Researchers ramp up efforts to develop coronavirus vaccine

The race to produce a vaccine for the latest coronavirus



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  1. Worth noting the Solution to the Spanish Flu (50 – 100 million dead)…Clean water, personal hygiene and good diet.
    Also World Wars and overcrowding was a significant catalyst – Mick Raven

    Spanish flu – Wikipedia


  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for listening (and your son) to the podcast. At this stage the podcast is the focus with a radio show in mind for future. I try to stay away from any situation ie Forum that might attract attention and therefore de-platforming of my content. The website is mainly so I can reference talking points and for listeners to see my research etc. – Mick R

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