5G…know the Consequences – ConspiracyOz

Here’s 5G update, I’ve included the articles on *Wuhan (Corona Virus outbreak) as well – Mick Raven

5G Protest Day – Stop 5G International

Ookla 5G Map – Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World

Ookla Launches An Interactive Map Showing All The 5G Networks In The World

5G is live in 3 countries, but we still need answers on health risks VentureBeat

5G – Wikipedia

The Top Countries with 5G Deployments and Trials – SDxCentral

China rolls out ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks – BBC News

China launches national 5G, promises 50 cities by end of 2019 VentureBeat

China plans 5G coverage for all prefecture-level cities by end of 2020 VentureBeat

Hubei’s first 5G technology exhibition unveiled in Wuhan*

3G 4G 5G coverage in Wuhan – nPerf.com*

Why Invest in 5G Now

What 5G Means for Energy

Why Comcast Is About to Lose Control of the Internet

Central China province launches commercial 5G applications – Xinhua English.news.cn

Telstra urgently installing dangerous 5G networks in the suburbs Cairns News

The Profit Spectrum (5G)

5G Space Appeal Is Ready for Delivery; SpaceX Plans 30,000 More Satellites

5G from Space-Sign Petition to Stop Radiation from Above – 5G Sacramento Designs

Claire Edwards The Madness of Putting 53,000 5G Satellites in Space

SpaceX may want to launch 42,000 internet satellites

New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household

The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology – Activist Post


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