This is Big Ppl…manufactured Drought by Design, Enter the Waterlords – ConspiracyOz

Will watch to see if the Politicians in Oz let this become public – Mick Raven

NSW drought Shooters MP Helen Dalton pushes for mandatory disclosure of water entitlements

State MP reveals dodgy water loophole hurting our farmers

Helen Dalton – Wikipedia

Helen Dalton MP – Secret water trading

Helen Dalton MP – Sky news says Feds should adopt my water register idea

Helen Dalton MP – Introducing my bill to end water secrecy

Water market ‘an unregulated disgrace’ Sky News Australia

How a foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia’s H20 as the country suffers its worst drought

Coca Cola takes local water from shire in severe drought Workers

Declare a water emergency and stop bottled water extraction

Company approved to take 96 million litres of water from drought-ravaged Queensland town

Canadian pension fund loads up on Australian water rights and almond farms

Clarity sought after legal advice given on water declarations The Area News

Water windfall for ex-MPs

MPs call for urgent investigation into $180m in water buybacks Australia news The Guardian

A water buyback scandal has rocked Parliament. But what is it And how did we get here

Australia’s ‘watergate’ here’s what taxpayers need to know about water buybacks

Water rights, trading and the new water barons INTHEBLACK

Murray-Darling Basin water barons spark crisis talks over rising prices

Australia Wake Up! – Free The Water! Arrest The Government! – Or Die – MAKE THIS VIRAL!

MP questions loophole

Water wars will politics destroy the Murray-Darling Basin plan – and the river system itself

Australia will be importing milk from China in 5 years because of corruption in the Murray-Darling basin

Murray-Darling Basin Authority – Wikipedia

Murray–Darling basin – Wikipedia

Petition · Protect rural communities from water mining by bottled water giants ·

National Party MPs call for more dams as states invest in other solutions to Australia’s water crisis

Not a drop of water after government spends $80m on rights from agribusiness Australia news The Guardian

Warragamba Dam – Wikipedia

Control of two-thirds of Water in NSW in order…


WaterNSW – Wikipedia

Sydney Catchment Authority – Wikipedia

Department of Primary Industries (New South Wales) – Wikipedia

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Wikipedia

And the Plan…

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Environment and Energy

Sydney Water Level 2 Restrictions

Sydney Water Climate Change Adaption

Sydney Water Environment Strategy 2018 2030

Sydney Water Environment Plan 2019 2020

Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) – Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Goals – United Nations

Australian Local Government Association

Local government and Sustainable Development Goals – an untapped opportunity

Local government in Australia – Wikipedia

Local government areas of New South Wales – Wikipedia

Local government in Queensland – Wikipedia

Municipal Association of Victoria – Wikipedia

Get it! Smoke and Mirrors…Bushfires, Droughts and The Bureau of BS-ology- Mick Raven

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  1. More links to this Article – Mick Raven

    Chinese company approved to run water mining operation in drought-stricken Queensland Environment

    Olam selling permanent water rights in Australia for $452.7m, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

    Queensland drought declaration expanded – Queensland Farmers Federation

    Drought Declarations LongPaddock Queensland Government

    Drought still biting in Queensland’s central and southern regions Queensland

    Canberra agrees to send water to ‘buy time’ for drought-affected Braidwood


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