More Possible Reasons for Catastrophic and Mega Bushfires? – ConspiracyOz

There is an argument gaining traction that the Bushfires on the East of Australia have burnt a path where the approved ‘Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Pty Ltd’ (CLARA) planned High Speed Rail network will be. When the smoke clears we will see – Mick Raven

8th Jan 2020


CLARA consortium of 13 picked for Melbourne-Sydney large rail and city proposal Yass Tribune

CLARA secures federal funding for fast rail business plan Goulburn Post

CLARA successfully selected for business case development with the Federal Government

Bankrupt former Nats nominee on fast-rail fast track

High-speed rail in Australia – Wikipedia

Preferred alignment (2013) of Australian east coast high speed rail system – Wikipedia

Liveability of our Cities critical to Property Developers

Related? – Mick Raven

High-speed rail in the United States – Wikipedia

High-speed rail California – Wikipedia

California fire-threat map

California Gets Cooked Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

The Presstitute Media’s response – Mick Raven

Do Recent Wildfires Match Up ‘Exactly’ with California’s Proposed High Speed Railway

California’s Wildfires Have Spawned A Truly Weird New Conspiracy Theory

California Wildfire Conspiracy Theories Are Spreading Like the Plague

YouTube is teeming with conspiracy theories about the California wildfires.

Directed-energy weapon – Wikipedia

Oz Related….

Factcheck Is there really a green conspiracy to stop bushfire hazard reduction Australia

The Truth About the Australian Bushfires – Summit News

The Deliberate Burning of Australia – YouTube

Australia – The Perfect Firestorm – Created By Design

And of course ‘Agenda 21/30’…

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development pdf

Sustainable Development Goals – United Nations

Read the comments ppl….gold lol – Mick Raven

Why Taking Action to Fight Climate Change Matters – Sustainable Development Goal 13

Sustainable Development Goals – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian Government

Sustainable Development Goal 11

Here is the Presstitute Media’s response…typical – Mick Raven

Agenda 21 Dark conspiracy Aussies are lapping up


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