The Conspiracy Show Podcast, The Rockefellers 021219

Brilliant Podcast! – Mick Raven

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

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Richard welcomes a journalist and author who investigates the true motives and consequences of the Pilgrim Society.

Early members of the Society included J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Paul Warburg, Mortimer I. Schiff, Otto Kahn, and John D. Rockefeller.

Although the Pilgrim Society and the powerful men involved are often praised for their philanthropic actions, Richard’s guest reveals that the Society was self-serving and subjected the American people to a brutal system of economic tyranny, one which is still in place today.

GUEST: Paul L. Williams, Ph.D., is a journalist and author . He has served as a consultant for the FBI, editor and publisher of the Metro in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as well as an adjunct professor of humanities at the University of Scranton.

Listen live every Sunday at 11pm on Zoomer Radio.

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