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The Water Catastrophe Hoax

8th December 2019
Mick Raven

Soon you will be drinking sewage (Blackwater) from your neighbours toilet..don’t believe me? ….the push is on.

They (Globalists/Climate Change Crazies) say there’s too many people and your one of them – Mick Raven

Recycled Water – Emotion Versus Reason Tenterfield Shire Council

But wait!…

Bore water find brings ‘palpable’ relief for drought, fire-ravaged Tenterfield

Just in time eh! – Mick Raven

The ‘yuck’ factor Are NSW residents ready to drink recycled water

Australians will have to get used to drinking recycled water

Wastewater reuse | YourHome

Water quality & filtration

Wastewater management and water recycling – Water quality

Recycled drinking water what Australians need to know

Recycled sewage water common component of Australian tap water

Sydney’s water restrictions mean city must get serious about water recycling

Recycled water

Water Recycling Fact Sheet

How much water is recycled in Australia?

Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme

2000s Australian drought – Wikipedia

Water restrictions in Australia – Wikipedia

Level 5 water restrictions mean only one hour a week garden watering

Level 4 water restrictions for NSW town


Sydney to face Level 2 water restrictions toughest in a decade as dam levels drop

WATERWRAP NOV 2019 JAN 2020 (Sydney Level 1 restrictions)

Level 1 water restrictions are in place – ( until the 9th Dec 2019) , they (NSW Gov) were supposed to go to Level 2 when the water supply dropped to 40% but have decided to ‘jump the gun’ as supply currently sits at 45% ) – Mick Raven

WATERWRAP AUG-OCT 2019 (Sydney Level 2 restrictions)

Water Restrictions – Hunter Water

Water restriction levels in NSW towns decided by local councils

Smart water meter project cuts water use in half in remote Indigenous communities – You will be monitored for water usage – Mick Raven

Where can I get information about water restrictions NSW



Water supply and sanitation in Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Restrictions

Sydney Water Reports & publications

NSW to merge main bulk water agencies 2014

Water fluoridation – Oral health 2013

Water Management NSW

Water NSW  – owned by N.S.W. State Government

Canberra Water supply  – partly owned by China (Jemena) Yep – Mick Raven

Western Australia’s Water supply – owned by the W.A. Government

Northern Territory Water supply – owned by the N.T. Government

TAS Water –

Queensland Water supply – Department of the Queensland Government

‘Can the Plan’ protesters say they’ve brokered a deal

Perth dodged a water crisis like Cape Town’s Day Zero

Australian Drinking Water Guidelines NHMRC

Dammed if I Do and Dammed if I Don’t! The real reason for Toilet to Tap, not climate change scare mongering. The Sky is falling mob want you to believe that the drought, bush fires are not weather patterns (the climate has ALWAYS changed) or arsonists but people (too many) breathing out (carbon dioxide, which we need for plants to survive) This is a Globalist mandate (carbon tax) to control food and water supplies that people need to survive, we are in a death roll ppl.

By blaming the temporary falling dam levels they are mandating control over the very water you need to survive – Mick Raven

Greater Sydney’s dam levels

Latest Total Storage and Supply Info – All Dams – 7th December 2019 45%

LEVEL 2 restrictions start on 10th December in Sydney…get ready! – Mick Raven

(Warragamba Dam 2019 46%)

Latest Total Storage and Supply Info – All Dams – 20th September 2018 64%

(Warragamba Dam 2018 67%)

Greater Sydney’s dam levels – WaterNSW – 22nd September 2017 89%

(Warragamba Dam 2017 89%)

Latest Total Storage and Supply Info – All Dams – 24th October 2016  94%

(Warragamba Dam 2016 96%)

Latest Total Storage and Supply Info – All Dams – 23rd September 2015 98%

(Warragamba Dam 2015 99%)

NSW State Archives – Warragamba dam

2007-2009 – WaterNSW Warragamba Dam

Sydney dam levels Elders Weather

Avon Dam – WaterNSW -near Bargo Sydney – Mick Raven

Dam Levels Sydney Desalination Plant

…and gazing into the Climate Change crazies crystal ball – Mick Raven

Predictions of water restrictions as Central Coast dam levels drop

This is how Warragamba Dam’s water supply is managed by ‘politics’ – Mick Raven

Dam level hits 10-year high

and this…too much water? – Mick Raven

Questions over the need to raise Warragamba Dam

Prime Minister and NSW Premier announce $1b funding for Wyangala, Dungowan dam projects

NSW Rainfall Data Collection Program – 2016

Health and water during drought – Fact sheets – 2017

Here are 2 things you can do now to protect you and your family – Mick Raven

1. Buy a 15 litre gravity Urn  which use Doulton Filters and Berkey PF4 Filters

2. Buy 5 or 10 litre caskets of Pureau pure water from Coles, AGI or Woolworths




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