‘Catastrophic Fire/Fear A.B.C. (B.A.D.) News’ – ConspiracyOz

The ‘Fear’ mongering ABC News pushing Climate Emergency and endless Bush-fires….

We get fires every year since Terra Australis formed.

Take note of the B.O.M. weather report for the same time last year.

Note November 2nd 37 degrees, and yes we survived.

I also saw that police reports are mentioning the deliberately lit fires

plus the Army accidentally contributed to the fire in Lower Beechmont Qld – Mick Raven

Don’t believe the Hype Ppl, the scare mongering tactic to tie in Global warming with Bush Fires its a myth.

Remember if they get their way (Globalists) then we will ALL be paying extra for a carbon Tax- Mick Raven

El Niño – Wikipedia

La Niña – Wikipedia

2011–12 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

2012–13 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

2013–14 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

2015–16 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

2016–17 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

2017–18 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

1950s articles show severe bushfires are NOT a new phenomenon

Traditional Aboriginal burning in modern day land management – Landcare Australia

Australian Aboriginal Culture – Use of Fire Jenolan Caves

List of scientists who disagree with the scientific consensus on global warming – Wikipedia

The worst bushfires in Australia’s history – Australian Geographic

Liberal senator doubles down on accusing BoM of changing records to fit climate agenda

One Nation senator takes aim at BoM over climate change data

Major Bush Fires and causes (NOT Global Warming)

Black Thursday bushfires – Wikipedia HEATWAVE 1851

Red Tuesday bushfires – Wikipedia 1898

1925–26 Victorian bushfire season – Wikipedia

1943–44 Victorian bushfire season – Wikipedia

Black Sunday bushfires – Wikipedia 1955 POWER LINES

1961 Western Australian bushfires – Wikipedia

Chatsbury bushfires – Wikipedia 1965 ANGLE GRINDER

1967 Tasmanian fires – Wikipedia

Ash Wednesday bushfires – Wikipedia 1983 ARSON and POWER LINES

1994 Eastern seaboard fires – Wikipedia

Black Christmas bushfires – Wikipedia 2001 ARSON

Eyre Peninsula bushfire, 2005 – Wikipedia CAR EXHAUST

2006 Junee Bushfire – Wikipedia CIGARETTE BUTT

Pulletop Bushfire – Wikipedia 2006 SPARKS from TRACTOR

Mount Lubra bushfire – Wikipedia 2006 LIGHTNING

2006–07 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia ARSON, POWER LINES and LIGHTNING

Kangaroo Island bushfires – Wikipedia 2007 LIGHTNING

Boorabbin National Park – Wikipedia INCOMPETENCE by the Department of Environment 2007

Black Saturday bushfires – Wikipedia POWER LINES, ARSON, MACHINES and LIGHTNING 2009

2013 Tasmanian bushfires – Wikipedia LIGHTNING, CAMPFIRE and ACCIDENTAL

2013 New South Wales bushfires – Wikipedia ARMY,ARSON and POWER LINES

2013 New South Wales bushfires – Wikipedia ARSON ARMY POWER LINES  AL GORE U.N.

2015 Sampson Flat bushfires – Wikipedia LIGHTNING

2015 Esperance bushfires – Wikipedia LIGHTNING

2015 Pinery bushfire – Wikipedia ELECTRIC FENCE

Carwoola – Wikipedia 2017 ARSON plus ACCIDENT

2018 Tathra bushfire – Wikipedia ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FAILURE

Past Bushfires Vic Gov 1851 – 2013

The Arsonists

Burn after reading a short history of arson

The number of fires and who lights them Australian Institute of Criminology

Text messages ‘expose teenage arsonists as responsible’ for a raging bushfire

Why do people light bushfires A convicted arsonist explains – RN – ABC News

Sokaluk found guilty of Black Saturday arson – YouTube

Guilty verdict for Black Saturday arsonist Brendan Sokaluk

Brendan Sokaluk, BURN IN HELL! Page 7 BigFooty

East Kimberley fires may be arson The West Australian

How a Volunteer Firefighter Became a Serial Arsonist – VICE

Authorities hunt for arsonist after NSW bushfires Sky News Australia

Facebook’s arson vigilantes could face prosecution – ABC News

Report bushfire or arson – NT.GOV.AU

Top cop blames children, arsonists for starting Queensland bushfires

Inside the mind of an arsonist Australian Story – YouTube

Bushfire arson campaign launches in SA

FESA-Arson-Help Catch Arsonists Before They Strike





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