Regrettable Greta Back to Ex-Haling Hot Air After Not Winning Nobel Peace Prize- ConspiracyOz

12th Oct 2019

She may not have won the Nobel Prize, but Greta Thunberg is back at work continuing to strike for climate change and calling out world leaders.

Key points:

  • The Nobel Prize went to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his work to bring peace to that region of Africa
  • At a climate change rally, she said children must take responsibility because world leaders were not
  • Thunberg will continue touring the Americas for several months, concluding with a UN climate conference in Chile in December

The Swedish climate activist joined a climate strike in the US city of Denver where she told the crowd: “We are the change”.

Some believed she was a favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize, announced on Friday, for her effort to get young people worldwide to fight climate change.

But instead, that award went to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his work to bring peace to that region of Africa.

Head of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, Henrik Urdal, omitted Ms Thunberg from the Nobel Peace Prize shortlist he publishes.

He explained his decision to The Washington Post, saying there “isn’t scientific consensus that there is a linear relationship between climate change — or resource scarcity, more broadly — and armed conflict.”

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Greta Thunberg back to work after being overlooked for Nobel Peace Prize

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