Top Model Turned Whistleblower Exposes Elites

8th October 2019

When you’ve graced the covers of international fashion magazines and shared runways and agents with the likes of Naomi Campbell, it’s safe to say you’ve seen behind a curtain few others on this planet ever have.

Shortly after I began publicly speaking out about Hollywood, I was contacted by Ana Lucia Alves.

A woman whose high-profile career has not only spanned continents and stretched across industries, but involved everyone from Harvey Weinstein and Leonardo DiCaprio to royalty and rock stars.

Ana and Johnny Depp

I knew right away that Ana’s well-documented testimony was going to be a very important part of the official record. What I didn’t know was how many bombshells it would contain.

In the post-Epstein world, which we now inhabit and are trying to assimilate to, we have much more data to go on in unraveling the dark and strange ways, unbeknownst to us, our world was actually functioning. Sick, sinister, twisted ways that, for a very long time, have been completely hidden from the masses. You know, the people who bought our underwear at Victoria’s Secret for two decades, never in a million years suspecting that the founder of that company was in fact singlehandedly bankrolling pedophile intelligence asset Jeffrey Epstein, and who was also a serial child sexual predator himself.

That bombshell fact is according to the latest breaking news from ongoing court battles which continue to rage despite not being covered by the corrupt and complicit media establishment.

I know I speak for millions of unsuspecting American in saying I never would have bought a single thing from Victoria’s Secret, or any Limited Brand store for that matter, had I known that with my purchase I was quite literally helping to fund an international child sex slave operation.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for good, innocent, well-meaning, hard-working, regular people. People who simply thought those massive Angel posters were captivating – mesmerizing even – as they walked by on a Saturday, a little money to spend in their pockets.

Through my conversations with Ana it quickly became clear that our unknowing, our blind ignorance, and our trance-like hypnosis were precisely what ‘they’ wanted. That was the formula. That was the whole ‘secret’ as it turned out, to getting us to fork over our extremely hard-earned-actively-devalued-currency-money for $39 push-up bras and a chance to look like an angelic otherworldly goddess.

That never happened, so we kept buying, and in turn Les Wexner kept financing, and Epstein kept slaving.

Yes, it’s all a lot to process.

But, as we now well know, there very much is a currency-manipulating, Victoria’s-Secret-creating, multinational-war-making they.

A they who are, in every conceivable way, sadistic, cruelly opportunistic, and not like us.

For a very long time we were a good little population. We were their simple, stupid, consuming pets. Dutifully staring at near-nude, viscerally sexy, ‘super models,’ buying what we were told to buy. Consuming, Generating, Feeding. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Epstein and his ilk were the eye, and we were the hand and the mouth, ignorantly stuffing it with cash. So much so that it sickens me to fully contemplate. It also informs a profound knowing in the deepest recesses of my being – this, my faithful friends, is absolutely biblical.

Ana speaks openly, quickly, frankly, and with great urgency about a secret world of open prostitution, masked parties at European chateaus with high-profile people, and limitless possibilities for those who, for one reason or another, are willing to bend or altogether abandon their moral compass.

Ana not only confirms the Eyes Wide Shut satanic axiom we were never supposed to know existed, but her ethereal, pure, motherly presence and profound wisdom and vision of what lies beyond this dark place sparks a kind of kindred, across-space-and-time, sisterly fire within me.

She boldly relays, “For those who want to ascend, there are levels, there are steps. When you get Conde’ Nast involved, there’s a whole other level.”

“After Vogue covers, you start to deal with the back, back room deals.”

“The first year I went to Cannes, immediately Harvey was on me, he would go to the Martini’s hotel, in the lobby. As a film producer (which Ana had worked her way to become over the years), as a professional I was doing my scouting. But he had a guy, he was doing his scouting.”

Ana was introduced and brought in right away, for her looks and appeal, despite her film acumen, her studies, her producing, etc. That evening she met everyone; Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone, everybody.

“There is a gate you go through, after you do top model, there is this other group of people you have to meet.”

According to Ana, once you are in the VIP… “with the likes of Bono, 90% of the people in the room are movie stars or huge stars in the business.”

That’s when she met Harvey, “It’s who you know. It’s a club.”

Ana confirms one of the biggest things we’ve been discussing and piecing together over the last year, “Whatever you do or don’t do, regarding these people, is how you’re going to get the deal done.”

She confirms for the record the existence of an elite ‘compromise system’ functioning at the very upper echelon of Hollywood.

Models, Agencies & Elite Prostitutes

Another thing Ana told me about are what’s commonly termed “B bookings,” or paid appearance/prostitution pimp rackets going on, quite openly, at the very highest echelons of the modeling and entertainment industry. A dark practice we gained a sneak peak into recently with Epstein’s curious modeling world connections.

What About Handlers

In months of dialogue with Ana one of the things we spoke most frequently about was her experience with high-level elite Hollywood ‘handlers.’

We’ve all heard so much about ‘handlers’ lately…

But what does it really mean???

“Handlers are real. I can guarantee this, because I had one. In fact, I had 2 of them. The second one of mine was a pedophile. This is a very solid business [being a handler], it is a multi-billion dollar per year business. This is no joke. They use drugs, psychological manipulation. My handler spoke 5 languages. He immediately understood that I missed my father. Within 10-12 days he was in my life completely. He took my money, he was deciding what I was doing, where I was going.”

How It Works

It’s something we all want to know. How does this system truly work?

“They test you slowly. They’ll slowly learn how far you’ll go. They bring you to fabulous events, Gisele’s there, Johnny Depp’s there, everyone is there, it’s fabulous. Then, that’s when they test you. ”

“For me a woman brought me into a hallway and tried to kiss me. And I was like, No! So, that’s reported, ‘no, she didn’t do that.’”

You’re always being tested to see how far you’ll go. How willing you are to ‘do anything.’ Those who will ‘do whatever it takes,’ they are the ones who rise in the ranks.”

As we observe these celebrity puppets, especially as of late, it’s confirmation of exactly what we’ve been suspecting. But, as we also imagined, not all that glitters is gold.

“Celebrity [like Leo DiCaprio] is very depressing. It is a depressing, controlling, oppressive place to be…”

“Robert De Niro, Leo DiCaprio, George Clooney, they have this thing they are given to promote, that they have to promote. It’s not true. If you study what’s actually going on within geopolitics and within the Amazon, it’s nothing like what they are saying.”

Ana whose from Brazil and knows a great deal about the Amazon confirms that these celebrities have no idea what they’re talking about. She also has a tremendous compassion for these people. And contends that this, at the end of the day, is about social and political control. “These people are puppets, owned and controlled, It’s quite honestly a very sad existence.”

Naomi Campbell, and Other Model Moguls

After both Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum were named by Virginia Roberts as people she was introduced to during her time as one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex slaves, we began to get a window into this dark world of which Ana speaks:

To more deeply understand the possibilities of who and what someone like Naomi Campbell truly is, the next part of Ana’s testimony is critical.

Ana blows the whistle on the likelihood, speaking from her own perspective and experiences, that Campbell and Crawford and Klum may very well be high priced madams.

“I was approached by a highly placed politician in Paris, he said, I have a proposition for you, a job for you. We will give you a whole building of 6 floors in the best neighborhood in Paris, everything you need, including diplomatic papers, what we will need for you to do is bring 8-10 girls to live in this house. You’ll have no problem with drugs or alcohol [from the police]. According to him, it would be my house, I’d own it. And it would be my job to provide whatever they want to consume, elites, diplomats heads of state.. all above the law.”

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Ana Lucia left Brazil at 18 to travel the world as a top model. Some time later, following her true calling, she studied acting and produced documentaries and short films.

She’s now running Yoga-Maya Entertainment &





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