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Sydney Desalination Plant


Water quality concerns regarding the proximity of the ‘seawater’ inlet to the desalination plant to the nearby ‘sewage’ ocean outfall. Environmental economists from the Australian National University studied the project after its completion and determined that “it was a costly decision that did not need to be made while dam levels were high.”

In 2014, it was reported that the desalination plant was costing the taxpayers $534,246 per day as the plant sits idle. This was the price that the NSW Liberal-National Coalition government agreed upon when they set the 50-year lease with the plant’s owners upon privatisation in 2011. To turn off the desalination plant all together would cost an extra $50 million.

oh Dear – Mick Raven

Yep pretty low a few years back – Mick Raven

Uh Oh, its rising! (oh no the sky is falling!)- Mick Raven

Now its falling omg, what shall we do? – Mick Raven

I know, I know! Desalinated Poo Water, Yay! – Mick Raven

Not long now til, you guessed it…the brown stuff! – Mick Raven

And yes Sydney, you are drinking ‘Desalinated Poo Water’ – Mick Raven

Sydney’s desalination plant is turned on — so what does that mean

Sydney to get water restrictions this Saturday for first time in a decade

Sydney’s desalination plant set to expand as drought continues | Australia news | The Guardian

Sydney’s desalination plant should not be turned on before water restrictions, Mayor says

Sydney Desalination Plant – Wikipedia

Sydney Desalination Plant

Sydney Water Desalination

Warragamba Dam – Wikipedia

Sydney Water – Wikipedia

And Yet, many years ago…Sydney survived the sky is falling! scenario – Mick Raven

Sydney’s dam hits record low


Water supply levels reached their lowest recorded point on 9–10 February 2007 of 33.8%

and yet the sky IS falling – Mick Raven

Severe weather warning cancelled, as rain keeps falling — but not enough to break drought

Rain buckets down on Sydney but dam levels remain low Fairfield City Champion

Who ya gonna call? – Mick Raven

NSW weather: Warragamba Dam to overflow; 320 properties evacuated in St Georges Basin and Sussex Inlet

Blue Mountains’ world heritage significance ‘at risk’ under plan to raise dam wall, warns conservation group

And here it is…The Poo Water map for Sydney…observe – Mick Raven

Desalination Map

Sydney, no rainfall deficiency 2017 to 2019 mmm – Mick Raven

And last but not least…the End Game, Queenslanders, and eventually all Australians, drinking waste (poo) water – Mick Raven

St Marys, Sydney Recycled Poo/Wee Plant

Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme – Wikipedia

Australians will have to get used to drinking recycled water

Recycled sewage water common component of Australian tap water

more BS below – Mick Raven

Denmark running out of drinking water, $32-million pipeline to be built from neighbouring Albany

B.O.M. Rainfall statistics for Denmark W.A. 1999 to 2018, notice data missing in the last 20 years but before that…consistency in data mmm (Agenda maybe?) – Mick Raven

Rainfall in Australia in the last 119 years – Mick Raven

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