Pressured by PureVPN to Take Down Article – ConspiracyOz

ConspiracyOz recently received an email from Amir Ali Virani Digital Marketing Manager/PureVPN to remove an article dated 26th March 2019 on

VPNs not private anymore – ConspiracyOz

So we did an update… (and yes I looked into Sven Taylor ( and Amir Ali Virani Digital Marketing Manager (Pakistan/PureVPN etc) plus Rob Mardisalu/John Mason (the

but still the question remains…

How a VPN Review Site Dominated Google Search With a Scam – PCMag Australia

PureVPN’s ‘non-existent’ logs used to track, arrest alleged internet stalker

A Newton man was sentenced for extensively cyberstalking his housemate

Why I Don’t Recommend Using PureVPN

PureVPN – Wikipedia

Setting the record straight Addressing VPN Privacy and VPN Logs – PureVPN Blog

PureVPN`s Privacy Policy is Now “No-Log Certified” – PureVPN Blog

IT Audit, Network Security Audit, Cyber Security Audit, Website Security Testing, and Risk Assessment Services

Vladimir Sadyrin – Programmer – Altius-IT | LinkedIn

Altius IT | LinkedIn

questions, questions can we trust any VPN if push comes to shove? – Mick Raven

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