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  1. I wonder if they support Global Warming mmm,

    more links to this Article – Mick Raven

    Help police catch the CQ bushfire arsonists

    Three teenage girls arrested for arson over 13 grassfires on the NSW mid-north coast

    Arson suspected in Geebung bushfire that damaged 70 cars at Pickles Auctions in Brisbane

    Boys, 11 and 14, charged with starting fires

    Teenager charged following fire in Carrum Downs

    ‘Be bushfire ready’ police warn landowners as danger period begins – CoffsClarence PD and Strike Force Tronto Mirage News

    Residents abandon homes as fires rage, police catch alleged child arsonists

    Bushfires caused by Arson and the Sun..NOT Global Warming – ConspiracyOz

    We’ve been here before – Mick Raven

    And They’re Saying its Global Warming Causing The Fires In Sydney Eh! – ConspiracyOz

    The ‘Global Warming Pushers’ ignoring the ‘Arsonists’ and the ‘Sun’ etc – Mick Raven

    Australian Bushfire Threat Longer & More Dangerous Seasons – Climate Council

    About Extreme Weather and Climate Change – AYCC

    How about this – Mick Raven

    Coldest Perth September recorded in 120 years of records (must be climate change)

    and finally…

    United Nations unable to prove the global warming myth


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